What is Policy Number on Insurance Card | Definition & Policy Number

Each person is likely to subscribe to several insurance contracts, either because the law obliges him to do so or to have more security. In general, auto/motorcycle, home, and mutual health insurance must have a unique identification number. This is called the insurance policy number. But what is the policy number on the insurance card, and what is an insurance policy? You can discover all the answers through this guide below.

What is the Insurance Policy?

What is Policy Number on Insurance Card

An insurance plan is an agreement or contract involving two parties: the carrier and the policyholder. However, in the case of a crash or other unanticipated risk, the carrier is obligated to reimburse the policyholder.

In exchange, the policyholder must pay the firm a monthly donation or an insurance rate. Despite the fact that the word “insurance policy” may sound familiar, it refers to a physical version of your insurance policy.

After you’ve signed your insurance policy, you’ll receive this paper. The carrier and the policyholder must both sign the insurance plan and preserve a copy in a secure location..

This official document contains the conditions of the insurance you have taken out:

  • Obligation
  • Guarantees
  • Termination period
  • Contribution rates and other terms

Given a strong increase in demand for insurance, many insurance policies are currently offered: travel, death, school insurance, unpaid rents, legal protection, health, etc.

Furthermore, the insurance policy concerns everyone because certain insurances are now compulsory. You have Civil Liability, Health Insurance, and home insurance if you are a tenant of a furnished property, ten-year guarantee insurance if you have your house built, auto insurance if you have a car, etc.

Many other insurance policies are popping up on the market, for example, travel, death, school, unpaid rent, legal protection insurance, etc. In parallel, professional insurances have emerged, making it possible to protect liberal professions, medicine, law, or construction.

Some of these optional insurances are essential, depending on your situation. For example, we strongly recommend taking out a home insurance policy, whether you are a tenant or an owner.

As an integral part of our life and therefore of our budget, it is essential to take your time in choosing your insurance policies. So don’t hesitate to compare the different offers!

What is the Policy Number on Insurance Card?

What is Policy Number on Insurance Card

Every insurance contract has a unique number: the insurance policy number. It is a code given to your contract. You may have to present it to your children’s school, on vacation, during an amicable report, to your lending bank, etc. If you have several insurance policies with the same company because of several homes or vehicles to insure, it is also a quick way to identify them. This serves both your insurer and you.

Professional insurances, such as the ten-year guarantee, the RC pro, or even legal protection, also have a policy number.

How to Find Insurance Policy Number

What is Policy Number on Insurance Card

Normally, you can find your insurance policy number on the various official insurance documents such as:

  • On your initial contract: you will find it in several places;
  • your insurance certificate: you will receive the insurance certificate by mail, or you can download it online, usually in the customer area;
  • your expiry notice, which you receive each year from your insurer, between 3 months and two weeks before the expiry date;
  • On your green card, if it is car insurance. The green card is the insurance certificate issued by your insurer to be presented in the event of an inspection. It contains your insurance policy number, as well as information related to the vehicle concerned, the insurer, and the insured, among others;
  • On any document of correspondence with the company: when it sends you a reply by mail to a request you have made or simply sends you information, the policy number is systematically mentioned at the top of the letter.

If you haven’t found it in any of these documents, you can always contact your insurer to let you know. The insurance policy number and the contact number are the same things. If you can’t find it, then be careful to look at both terms. You can see on the insurance certificate below where the policy number is located. It is very often specified at the beginning of the letter too.

Civil Liability Insurance: Finding the Policy Number

In America, the law requires an individual to subscribe to some compulsory insurance such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • The public liability and some professional insurance

The Civil Code defines the Civil Liability insurance policy as compulsory and bears an insurance policy number. This provides compensation for the victim and takes care of repairing material, immaterial or bodily damage. In addition, acts committed willfully are not part of this guarantee.

For health insurance, an organization code or an affiliation code will be assigned to you. This code allows you to differentiate the many health insurance funds.

However, this number may be changed in the event of a move to another department or a regime change. You should note that you must communicate your Civil Liability insurance policy number to reimburse medical expenses by the Health Insurance.

Indeed, this number is often used in everyday situations such as:

  • Subscription to a complementary health insurance
  • Social and family allowances
  • Retirement pension
  • The payment of employer contributions by the company and others

Furthermore, you can find your Civil Liability insurance policy number in diverse places. This includes:

  • online space
  • notice of expiry
  • initial contract
  • insurance certificate
  • green card (for car/motorcycle insurance) 
  • And on most other correspondence with your insurer.

If you don’t have any of these insurances, you must take out private liability insurance as the insurance law requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an insurance policy?

A policy of coverage is a contract between two parties: the carrier and the policyholder. In exchange for insurance premiums, the carrier agrees to protect the insured against specified risks. As a result, an insurance policy is a more frequent phrase for a contract in ordinary usage.

Both the carrier and the policyholder must sign the insurance cover and preserve a copy for themselves. This legal document does, in fact, include all of the provisions of the insurance contract: guarantees, liabilities, cancellation times, contribution rates, and other elements.

Where can I locate my travel insurance policy number?

If you purchase travel insurance from a tour operator or insurance company, your policy number will be written on your correspondence, certificate (etc.), as with most other insurance policies.

When travel insurance is taken out when purchasing airline tickets, you will find your contract number in the confirmation email received after the transaction, at the same time as your tickets (or soon after).

What if I can’t find my insurance policy number?

If you cannot find your insurance policy number, contact your insurer. They will be able to give you the right information. Be careful not to confuse “insurance policy number” and “contract number,” as they are two distinct elements.

Where can I find my general insurance policy number?

As earlier highlighted, you can find your general insurance policy number in the following sections:

  • The initial contract
  • The insurance certificate that you will receive by mail. You can also download it from the internet via your insurance company’s website.
  • The expiry notice that you get each year from your insurer before your contract expires.
  • The card is intended exclusively for auto insurance. Indeed, it is the insurance certificate issued by your insurer. It bears your insurance policy number, as well as all the information concerning the insured vehicle. It also contains information about the insurer and the insured.
  • Correspondence documents with the insurance company: Each time your company sends you a letter, the policy number is systematically marked above the document.

However, if you cannot find it in any of these documents, contact your insurer to ask.

What information must be on the insurance policy?

In addition to specifying who the policyholder is, their data, and the insurer, there are three clauses or conditions that accompany an insurance policy:

General conditions: they include the rights and duties of each party (insured and insurer), the scope of coverage, the coverage amounts, the form of payment of the premium for these amounts, the policy number, and the terms in which they will be made;

Special conditions: are the specific rules that change depending on the type of policy and also the type of insurance;

Particular conditions: here, the coverage and indemnities, the beneficiaries, the percentages that each one must receive, and the term of validity of that insurance are specified and detailed.


In conclusion, anyone who has contracted or is thinking of taking out insurance will, at some point, come across the insurance policy. It is one of the documentation involved in this product, regardless of what type it is. Another important section here is regarding the insurance policy number. If you are among those who usually ask what is policy number on the insurance card is, the guide above will aid you immensely.


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