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Welcome to Pro Insurance Info.

Pro Insurance Info is a significant provider of insurance-related content on the internet, focusing on industry trends, buying guides, reviews, and more.

At Pro Insurance Info, we think that everyone should get answers to their common insurance questions. We enjoy sharing knowledge and assisting people in making the best decisions possible. Our goal is to eliminate any information hurdles that can lead to people buying the wrong insurance coverage.

We’re looking forward to assisting you on your journey!

Our specialists offer their information and knowledge so you can make confident financial decisions.

Pro Insurance Info is both a blog and an insurance marketplace, where you can get prices and buy policies from top-rated insurance companies for auto, life, health, and home. Our editors and experts will never know whether you buy insurance or not.

We cover the following blogs;

  • Types of insurance
  • Insurance policies
  • Insurability
  • A large number of similar exposure units
  • premium
  • Indemnity
  • Benefits of insurance
  • Indemnification
  • Exclusions
  • Social Effect
  • Methods of insurance
  • Insurers’ business model
  • Insurances Claims
  • Insurances Marketing
  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance consultants
  • Insurance Controversies
  • Insurance patents

Our mission

At Pro Insurance Info, we are dedicated to the ideals of service, ethics, and professionalism while giving the greatest level of service to our valued visitors to surpass their expectations. Fairness and empowerment for our agents and financial stability and protection for our clients’ commitment. Our workforce’s empathy and opportunity, increasing shareholder value, and reward are also part of our mission. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality insurance information on the internet and delivering good service at a reasonable rate. We will continue to be adaptable and innovative to meet the growing needs of our visitors.

Our vision

Pro Insurance Info’s vision is to raise the bar for insurance information providers by being inventive, strong, and giving our clients the proper support and service, exceeding their expectations. To help us achieve this goal, we will recruit and retain the greatest workers and agents.

Our purpose

At Pro Insurance Info, our purpose entails the following:

Professionalism with pride

We aim for excellence in the fundamentals, approaching each minor task as if it were the difference between success and failure. Because we respect each other, we take pride in our job.

Responsive service

Each interaction goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations.

Continual Improvement

Our success is built on a foundation of humility. We improve every day at what we do.


Each day, we depart with confidence, ready to stand by our aspirations and the quality of our work.


We congratulate each other on our accomplishments, encourage each other through our challenges, and push each other to be better.

 Our story

Jakes, our founder, created Pro Insurance Info to make insurance information more accessible, affordable, and simple. Pro Insurance Info was founded as a result of a bad experience with conventional life insurance. He was upsold on an expensive life insurance policy he didn’t need and couldn’t afford while in college. Jakes eventually found he wasn’t alone in his experience. Many Americans are nor aware of the importance of insurance or may not have adequate coverage for their families. As a result, Pro Insurance Info was created to address this issue.

Our team

Our Pro Insurance Info team is comprised of highly skilled professionals. We also have a lot more insurance knowledge than ordinary bears. We understand that making insurance decisions can be difficult, and we’re committed to assisting you in making informed decisions to protect your family. Insurance policies have an impact not only on your bottom line, as well as on your future. We’re here to help you in creating a safe and secure future for yourself.

Jakes, Founder: Pro Insurance Info


Jakes founded Pro Insurance Info as an attempt to demystify the insurance sector. Jakes wanted to use Pro Insurance Info Blog as a resource to cover the many components of insurance beyond just an introduction talk, drawing on his experience as a certified insurance agent.

Jakes’ professional focus is on using insurance to maximize the accumulation of total monetary value so that it can be leveraged as a low-risk asset. Jakes, a nationally renowned expert on the subject, works with businesses, people, and other insurance professionals daily.

Jakes grew up in Northern New England and now resides in Vermont. He graduated from Syracuse University and is an enrolled student of the American College of Financial Services.

In his spare time, Jakes is an ardent cyclist and enjoys arranging excursions up the many mountains throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Peter, Co-Founder: Pro Insurance Info


Peter has a natural propensity for seeing things in a different light than the usual insurance agent. He has over 18 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, which allows him to analyze problems and set them in their proper context.

He understands that each person, family, and business has its own set of circumstances and that there are no one-size-fits-all answers to financial challenges.

Peter has also assisted other agents and financial professionals in generating solutions for their clientele, such as suitable insurance case design, real estate, retirement savings planning, and business succession planning for closely-held and family-owned enterprises.

Peter is a Georgia native who attended Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, an all-male liberal arts college founded in 1776. He moved back to the middle of Georgia around 16 years ago with his lovely wife Jenny and their five young sons.

He considers it one of his most essential goals to make you feel confident that you are making an intelligent and informed decision. There will never be any stress, and Peter will always find the time to provide you with all of the information you require to ensure that you are making the best option possible regarding your insurance needs.

Nicholas J. Banks, Lead writer: Pro Insurance Info

Nicholas J. Banks

Nicholas J. Banks is an energetic business writer and editor who specializes in personal finance. Nicholas J. Banks gives a practical and relevant perspective to insurance topics, with an MBA and more than fourteen years in finance. He is dedicated to helping people in achieving financial success and safeguarding their possessions. When Nicholas J. Banks isn’t writing or editing, he enjoys spending time on his Kentucky farm with his spouse, dog, and chickens.

We appreciate you stopping by Pro Insurance Info and inviting you to contact us if you require any further information.

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