How to Cancel USAA Insurance | Full Process Discussed By Expert

USAA is well-known for its customer support and ties to people who have served in the military. However, if you’re ready to relocate your insurance needs somewhere, we’ve put together this article on how to cancel USAA insurance quickly. Millions of service troops and their dependents in the United States usually rely on USAA for various insurance coverage. They also offer a variety of plans, including death benefits, homeowner’s insurance, and automobile insurance.

Nonetheless, you may have your reasons for canceling your policy with them. Despite the firm’s positive online reviews, some clients have voiced unhappiness with the claims process, which they term as “complete chaos,” exorbitant premiums, and occasions where the brand’s marketing assurances did not match its practices during claims.

It may be tempting to stop purchasing your USAA coverage premiums and wait for the results. You’re still looking for a new plan, though. If you have other policies combined with your car and home, you’ll need to take a few steps to guarantee they’re covered. How likely are you to despise your new insurer or their premiums if you don’t have a solid plan in place to cancel USAA and continue with another insurer? To this end, our guide on how to cancel USAA insurance will aid you immensely. Come along!

How to Cancel USAA Insurance: Requirements

How To Cancel USAA Insurance

If you desire to cancel your USAA insurance, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your real identity, address, birth date, and Identification Number.
  • Your insurance number and the date on which you want to cancel it.
  • The basis for the cancellation, such as purchasing a new policy or the sale of a car.
  • If you’re switching insurance carriers, write down the name of your new firm and the policy number.

How to Cancel USAA Insurance

How To Cancel USAA Insurance

You can take the following procedures to cancel your USAA insurance in a pretty straightforward manner:

Step 1: Look up the date of your next renewal.

When you opt to handle your USAA account offline, you can quickly discover your renewal date printed on any of your insurance papers. If you want the best value for your money, cancel your policy closer to the insurance renewal date (rather than six months before) since you might be eligible for compensation if you paid upfront.

Do not cancel your USAA policy until you have obtained new insurance from a different insurer. Consequently, you run the risk of losing cover, which may be monetarily disastrous if you cause an accident.

Step 2: Equate insurance quotes.

It’s critical to know what’s available before jumping ship. You used to call agent after agent to learn everything there was to know about their insurance prices. You’d also probably spend up to an hour on the phone reviewing coverage options and providing information about yourself, other motorists, and your vehicle.

Today is not one of those days. After answering a few essential questions, you can now go on the internet in seconds and get comparison quotations from hundreds of insurance carriers.

You can begin with just your five-digit ZIP code and wind up with a slew of quotes based on questions tailored to you, your chauffeurs, and your driving patterns when you utilize some websites to compare prices. A fill-in-the-blank method and vibrant, clickable responses usually make the questions incredibly simple.

Of course, the more information you present, the more precise your estimates will be. It’s also okay if you haven’t had any accidents on your record. The majority of businesses specialize in offering the most affordable charges to anyone who has not made a fatal driving mistake in the past.

Step 3: Consider why you’ve decided to leave USAA.

Before you start looking at other insurers, you need to know why you’re leaving USAA. Is the monthly fee excessive? Did you have an adverse claim situation the last time you filed one? Perhaps USAA’s customer service isn’t as fantastic as you first thought.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll be better able to select a carrier who meets all of your expenses, customer relations, and other requirements. When compiling an itemized list of your desired insurer, don’t forget to include a note of all the qualities you liked about your USAA coverage. Check to see if your potential supplier offers services like breakdown cover or accident forgiveness, for example.

Step 4: Purchase a new automobile insurance coverage.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you don’t have to terminate your USAA coverage just yet. Initially, enlisting a new car insurance plan will ensure that you don’t have any coverage gaps (even a day might be terrible). Although USAA professes to have a price-conscious policy, the only way to be sure is to equate your rate to that of other providers who offer equivalent policies.

Step 5: Cancel your USAA insurance coverage.

Now that you have new USAA insurance, you’re ready to terminate your old one. Customers can remove their policy by going to, downloading the app, or contacting the firm. If you don’t want to talk about it, go into your profile and fill out a short survey explaining why you’re quitting. You can also speak with staff by calling 1 (800) 531-8722, the official cell phone number.

You’ll probably need to press a few buttons to get to the appropriate person. As confirmation of identity, be prepared to offer your Social Security Number. Don’t be surprised if they offer you a lower fee to remain. If this is the scenario, and you’re happy with the entire package they offer, you might be able to dispose of that new policy and get back on course with USAA if it’s worth the work.

Step 6: Keep track of your refund.

Don’t let money slip through your fingers. You can certainly use all the help you can get! If you canceled your policy before the payment date and purchased your coverage in advance (many individuals pay six months to a year ahead), check to see if your refund has been approved and received. It’s simple for things to get overlooked in the documentation and flurry of activity that comes with switching insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do before canceling my USAA car insurance?

Before terminating your USAA auto insurance, you should register in a new policy so that you don’t go without coverage for an extended amount of time—even a day! You can compare hundreds of automobile insurance companies online, all in one location, on various websites.

Is there a cancellation fee with USAA?

USAA is not fined or levied a cancellation fee if they cancel their insurance before it expires.

After canceling my USAA coverage, where can I get new vehicle insurance?

If you sought a decent deal on your auto insurance rates in the past, you had to either hear about it from a friend or set a meeting with your insurance adjuster and get one of those awkward “give me lower auto insurance” talks. You don’t have to interact with anyone anymore or even depart your house.

The most straightforward approach to acquiring affordable auto insurance nowadays (no matter who you’re with) is to go to a review site and compare quotes that are specifically tailored to your needs. Respond to a series of simple questions, and your cheap vehicle insurance rates will appear before your eyes. The best part is that you will not have to request a discount. Some sites will typically locate them for you, depending on your responses to each question.

You may qualify for discounts if you own a home, are a model student, are a careful driver. Have an excellent credit score, or insure more than one vehicle (among many other things). Each type of driver incentive you qualify for will appear on the screen as you fill out your details.

When should I cancel or switch my USAA insurance?

To ensure no coverage gap, it’s best to cancel your USAA insurance at least 30 days before your new policy begins. You can, however, terminate at any moment throughout your coverage without incurring any further expenses or inconveniences. When people move, get wedded, or discover a better insurer, they typically cancel their plans.

How can I know if my USAA coverage has been canceled?

Logging into your internet account and monitoring your policy is the easiest way. It is easy to determine whether your USAA coverage has been canceled. A verified confirmation letter should arrive in the mail as well, but this may take longer. Give USAA a call if you’re confused about the status of your cancellation.


In conclusion, USAA supports military personnel and their dependents through life’s ups and downs. Service, savings, and contentment are all claims made by the company. However, if you have USAA insurance, you may find it is no more a good fit. The good news is that canceling your USAA membership at this point is simple. With the tips on how to cancel USAA insurance above, you can do this without hassles.


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