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The most important thing is to find delivery driver insurance cost. A civil liability guarantee is included in the contracts, and its purpose is to pay third parties for the harm they have suffered. For example, the policy covers accidents caused by falling objects, fittings, or transported chemicals. Because not all commodities are covered by insurance, it is critical to purchase supplemental transported goods insurance.

You can customize the contract to be as comprehensive as possible. You can also benefit from ideal protection by purchasing all-risk or all-accident damage guarantees, legal aid, or good automobile insurance for delivery drivers. Furthermore, to fully enjoy the available merits, below is a highlight of delivery driver insurance cost. Come along!

Is Special Insurance Required for Delivery Drivers?

Delivery Driver Insurance Cost

You may believe that your auto insurance coverage will cover you because you make deliveries in your vehicle. Many automobile insurance companies, on the other hand, deliberately restrict coverage for business use. That implies that you may be denied coverage if you are out on delivery and have an accident. In the end, you want to stay away from this circumstance.

To begin, contact your insurance company and inquire about delivery driving as a business. They should, in theory, be able to add delivery driver insurance to your existing policy.

However, you may need special car insurance for delivery drivers in certain circumstances. For example, some firms provide ridesharing insurance packages that include delivery coverage. If yours does not, you can purchase a business auto insurance policy or add a business-use endorsement to your existing personal policy.

Later in this post, we’ll walk you through your alternatives for delivery driver vehicle insurance. But, for the time being, call your insurer to find out where you might be short on the delivery insurance.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Delivery Driver Insurance

The cost of motor insurance for delivery drivers is determined by the type of contract selected: individual or fleet insurance. Fleet policies are cheaper than personal insurance since they cover multiple vehicles simultaneously, allowing for discounts. The insurer evaluates the fleet’s loss experience, the type of vehicles, and the traffic area when determining the price of a “fleet” contract.

Overall, the price of car insurance is determined by the driver’s profile. To ensure there is no risk, the corporation verifies who is permitted to use the vehicles. The insurance of choice is also taken into account. Insurance firms have different profit margins. Therefore some will have better pricing lists than others. The number of contributions will be influenced by the type and location of vehicle parking. Parking in a closed and secure place is usually preferable to avoid paying too much for auto insurance.

Delivery Driver Insurance Cost

Delivery Driver Insurance Cost

As previously said, the cost of auto insurance for delivery drivers varies depending on where you reside, your driving history, credit score, and other factors, on other hand, delivery and extras can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 each month, based on your provider. This is because variable protection limits and deductibles are included in auto-delivery insurance. In addition, a few additional factors affect costs, like how far you expect to drive.

Any auto-delivery will very certainly necessitate commercial coverage. Commercial insurance is usually more comprehensive than a standard personal auto policy. Your premiums will go up when you add commercial coverage or regular delivery car insurance to your plan.

Delivery Driver Insurance Cost: Best Firms Available

For example, some of the top vehicle insurance providers have adapted to the logistics industry quicker and now offer plans tailored to delivery and rideshare drivers. Here are a few companies that provide excellent services:

Allstate Insurance

Allstate provides TNC driver insurance, which may or may not cover you if you work for delivery service. Regulations and coverage vary by state and employer, so contact to see if the Ride for Hire policy may provide the delivery insurance you require. If you don’t have personal auto insurance, Allstate also offers commercial auto insurance, Allstate’s delivery driver insurance costs between $50 and $150 each month.

Geico Insurance

Except for Alaska, Georgia, Louisville, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, NY, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah, Geico offers specific rideshare and on-demand delivery driver insurance in every state. This policy replaces your motor insurance policy, and according to Geico, it normally costs no more than $200 per month.


Progressive’s rideshare coverage will ensure delivery drivers in most states. Still, you should call them to double-check that you’ll have the delivery driver coverage you need with their ridesharing coverage. This separate coverage supplements your auto insurance, allowing you to have consistent coverage regardless of why you step behind the wheel. Progressive also provides insurance for pizza delivery drivers, Progressive’s delivery driver insurance costs between $100 and $130 each month.

State Farm Insurance

While State Farm does not advertise auto insurance explicitly for delivery drivers, its ridesharing insurance covers persons who commute for transport network companies (TNCs). Several states feature delivery service operators in their TNC list. You might also look into State Farm’s commercial car insurance for the delivery service coverage you require.

State Farm’s delivery driver insurance costs range from $80 to $170 per month.

United States of America Automobile Association

USAA is an option for you if you are a military member or a veteran. Third-party rating groups consistently give these suppliers high marks for customer service and coverage pricing for as little as $40 per month, USAA offers plans for rideshare and delivery drivers.

How can you Save Money on Delivery Driver Insurance?

How can you Save Money on Delivery Driver Insurance

Using the aid of an insurance broker is one of the most effective ways to lower the cost of auto insurance. The goal of this specialist is to connect the insured with the insurer. Thanks to his network of partners, he can locate a contract that properly suits the investor’s needs without being too expensive. In addition, the client receives personalized counsel and support.

If you cannot employ the services of a broker, do not hesitate to use online insurance comparison sites. Companies don’t all have the same pricing practices, so a contract with the same terms can be different between one and two companies. Furthermore, it is critical to select only the insurance required for the activity to perform properly. A delivery driver, for example, requires the assurance of carried items. Finally, if the cost of contributions proves to be too high, raising the number of deductibles is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery driver insurance cost?

The cost of delivery insurance is frequently added to the cost of your standard car insurance. How much it will cost you is determined by your personal information, the insurance provider, and the type you choose. You can get a business usage endorsement or rideshare/delivery coverage as additional options. Finally, you could purchase commercial car insurance, but you’ll have to pay for it separately from your coverage.

What is the procedure for obtaining delivery driver insurance?

Calling your existing insurance carrier to discuss your alternatives for gaining the coverage you require is a good place to start.

Who needs to be covered by delivery insurance?

If you make deliveries for a living — even if it’s just delivering things to your boss once in a while — your private car insurance policy may not be adequate. Consult your insurer to see where you might require additional coverage.

What kind of business car insurance should a delivery driver have?

Commercial vehicle insurance, also known as hired and non-owned auto insurance, may be appropriate for your company, particularly as insurers extend these policies to include delivery driving. The appropriate coverage for you is determined by who possesses the vehicles in question: your company or your workforce. More sections include:

Insurance for commercial vehicles

When your employees get into an accident while using a company car, car insurance protects them from being held liable. It may cover property damage or bodily injury caused by your driver, as well as related legal costs. If your driver is harmed in the accident, it may also cover medical bills.

Drivers who get involved in an accident with their automobiles are not covered by commercial auto insurance. In that instance, coverage would be provided by a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy.

Auto insurance for rented and non-owned vehicles

While business owners and workers use their automobiles for errands, accidents might be covered by hired and non-owned car insurance. This insurance might also cover automobiles that your company hires or leases.

Does personal automobile insurance cover food delivery?

The concept of making deliveries may fall beyond the standard personal auto insurance policy guidelines because delivery drivers use their automobiles to move items, such as food. If you have only personal car coverage and are involved in an accident while driving for a delivery service, you run the risk of having your claim dismissed. Two types of insurance coverage may be suitable for you:

Commercial usage: A personal policy add-on suited for occasional business use.

Commercial policy: This type of insurance is designed to protect enterprises and their cars.

Corporate and business-use policies cover the risks connected with the food delivery and other business applications. However, operating as an independent consultant — such as a delivery driver — brings with it a set of circumstances that most personal insurance policies would not cover.


In conclusion, auto insurance comes with diverse merits. And if you desire to learn about delivery driver insurance costs, the tips above will aid you immensely.


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