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How many slashed tires do insurance cover? If you’re one of those who often ask this question, keep reading because we’ve got you covered. More than any other item, your automobile is the most susceptible to vandalism of all your possessions.

Because most cars are parked outdoors rather than in a garage, it’s simple for someone with a grudge to scrape the paint and cause damage. Some may cut your tires and damage your windows. A vandal may do so much damage to your automobile in so many different ways. It’s an indication that things have become personal when a vandal rips your tires.

Replacing a whole set of tires is not just costly. No matter how hurried you are, you are left trapped where you are when the slash happens. If you discover that your tires have been slashed and cannot return to the road, you should file a claim with your insurance carrier to see if they would assist pay the repair cost.

How Many Slashed Tires Do Insurance Cover

How Many Slashed Tires Do Insurance Cover

One common misunderstanding is that insurance does not cover one or two tires. Most people believe you must have all four slashed tires to make a slashed automobile tire claim. That, however, is not the case. Any amount of cut tires will get coverage under comprehensive coverage. Except when the cost of the cut tires exceeds your comprehensive deductible, insurance will compensate you for your damaged tires.

Is it Possible to Get Insurance to Cover Cut Tires?

You may question whether insurance covers slashed tires while attempting to address the problem and go on with your life. It is entirely dependent on your automobile insurance coverage.

You’re out of luck if you have the bare minimum of liability insurance. Liability coverage helps pay for costs caused by “you,” the driver, like as physical harm and property damage, rather than your tires.

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, the slashed tires will be covered. It covers most items. As the name implies, this includes cut tires caused by vandalism or deliberate property damage by another party. If you slashed your tires due to hitting anything sharp, collision coverage might assist.

It’s crucial to note that your auto insurance deductible must still get paid. So you’ll need to do some math to determine whether making a claim is worthwhile. For example, if repairing your sliced tires costs $800 but your auto insurance deductible is $1000, you’ll still be responsible for the charges since your deductible is more than the entire cost of replacing the tires.

Is it Possible to Get Basic Insurance to Cover Cut Tires?

Is it Possible to Get Basic Insurance to Cover Cut Tires

When it comes to binding coverage, every car owner on a restricted budget should think about all of their possibilities. If the vehicle is neither leased nor financed, one option is to get a basic insurance policy.

While the phrase “basic” may apply to various things, it refers to a policy that provides the bare minimum of coverage allowed by law in the insurance sector.

You won’t have any coverage for damage to your car since a basic insurance policy only covers physical injury, property damage, and other kinds of essential coverage.

This might sometimes imply that you won’t have full coverage right away. This is your protection in the event of theft or natural calamities. In other words, everything that isn’t a crash, which is what accident coverage, is for.

At the same time, it is still the other party’s responsibility to pay for damage caused by an accident for which you are not at fault; any other form of damage to your car, including vandalism, will not be covered.

Why is it possible that your claim for cut tires would be denied?

As previously said, if you have comprehensive insurance, your slashed tires are likely to be covered. However, your claim may get disallowed in certain circumstances.

For instance, if your tires get slashed due to anything you did, you’ll very certainly be refused, so, if you were upset and caused the problem yourself, or if you drove recklessly and caused tire loss, your claim may be denied. Everything you may prevent would most likely get excluded from coverage with careful driving.

What to do if your Tires are Slashed and you Need to Make a Claim?

What to do if your Tires are Slashed and you Need to Make a Claim

If you have cut tires and have concluded that filing a claim with your insurance is worthwhile, you need to move quickly. Here’s how to get your cut tire claim started.

Step 1: Take images and jot down information.

First, snap photographs of the slashed tires using your phone and note when you believe it occurred. If you haven’t gone to your vehicle in a few days, try to remember when your tires were in decent shape vs. when you discovered you had slashed tires. If you guess who it is, jot it down as well.

Step 2: Report the crime to the authorities.

Slashed tires are often the consequence of vandalism or intentional, planned property damage. Whether you’re wondering if cut tires will get coverage by insurance, you may only be able to do so if you submit a police complaint. Your insurance company may demand it as part of the application process.

Step 3: Submit a claim to your insurance company.

File a claim with your insurance company after you have all of the data and have filed a police report. Contact them about the procedure, explain your situation, and inquire about the processing time.

Step 4: Purchase replacement tires when your claim has completed processing.

You may buy new tires and replace the cut tires after your auto insurance provider processes your claim and you get monies from your insurance company.

These procedures will assist you in resolving the problem and moving on. If you know who the tire slashed is, you have the option of filing charges and taking legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add tire coverage?

Yes. Although a basic insurance policy may not cover your tires, there are coverage alternatives that will safeguard your tires and the entirety of your car from unexpected damage. Before your insurance moves to pay for any repairs, you must acquire physical damage coverage, which is optional. You can’t simply get tire coverage; you’ll need coverage that covers the whole automobile, including the body and mechanical components.

What kind of insurance covers tire slashing?

If you reside in a region with a high risk of property crime, comprehensive coverage for your vehicle may be the best option for you. Comprehensive physical damage insurance pays for repairs to your automobile damaged while parked. The following are some of the hazards that comprehensive insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Criminal damage
  • Water
  • Objects that fall
  • Missile attacks
  • The destruction caused by animals

Because tire slashing is considered vandalism, comprehensive coverage will handle it rather than collision. To be paid, you’ll need to claim with your insurance carrier. If you’ve already paid for a new pair of tires with your own money, you may be eligible for reimbursement. If you don’t want to wait for the insurance to write a check, they may pay the tire business immediately.

Is a police complaint required for slashed tires?

Yes. When submitting a vandalism claim, some insurance adjusters may request a police report if they suspect the claim is fake. It is the role of the insurance adjuster to seek evidence of fraud and attempt to prevent it.

Because vandalism accusations are easy to fabricate, don’t be shocked if the agent requests a police report. Unfortunately, some individuals may attempt to pass off common flat tires as being slashed by a disgruntled relative or a random stranger with a taste for disruption.

Can I slash the remaining tires after an attack?

No. On the Internet, there are rumours that anybody who has slashed tires ought to go ahead and slash any residual tires to get their insurance provider to cover the tires. This is not accurate and is a form of an insurance scam. It’s far better to either make a claim supported by facts or go ahead and spend for the tire substitute out of pocket.

What is the most frequent reason for slashed tires?

Some of the most frequent reasons for slashed tires include:

  • Vandalism in the community might entail property destruction.
  • Driving over sharp items that may cut your tires open.
  • Purposeful devastation by another party. This might be a total stranger upset about something or feeling destructive. It might also be a friend who is upset about something.

Though you may have slashed your tires due to anything sharp, slashed tires are often intentional and purposeful. So, if you have a known opponent or a bitter ex wanting vengeance, your cut tires may result from that.


In conclusion, seeing your tires chopped up like a Thanksgiving bird might make you feel furious and panicked. You’re curious as to how many slashed tires insurance covers. It all boils down to the sort of insurance you have. If you have any questions, you should contact your insurance carrier. Remember to factor in your deductible since submitting a claim may not be worthwhile if your insurance covers your out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, the tips above will aid you immensely.



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