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How long does it take for Uber to approve insurance? This is a question that a lot of people nowadays ask. As a result, we’ve written this post to assist you. Insurance firms are renowned for taking their time when it comes to settlements.

They are conscious that they are not obligated to pay you until a judge directs them to, even though this behavior risks putting them in further legal difficulty. After all, the purpose of insurance firms is to keep profits and make as much money as possible.

Even with the help of a professional lawyer, those who submit claims cannot anticipate a rapid settlement. Uber is one of these companies, and its insurance provider is infamous for being sluggish to react to, handle, and payout accident claims. To this end, this post will aid you immensely.

Uber is a firm that has only been offering ride-sharing services to the public since 2009. Throughout its existence, it has experienced various policy modifications. On the other hand, its drivers were first regarded as independent contractors.

Thus, Uber was not responsible for their behavior. They sought to preserve the income generated by the drivers while avoiding liability for any incidents they caused. Following a court judgment, Uber was compelled to cover all of its drivers, with the most well-known insurance being the $1,000,000 liability and injury coverage.

You might claim Uber if you were harmed in an Uber accident, whether you were an Uber driver, a passenger, or a driver of another car. The amount of time it takes for Uber to accept your insurance and process your claim is dependent on several variables.

How Long Does It Take for Uber to Approve Insurance

How Long Does It Take For Uber To Approve Insurance

Even though everyone wants their claim to be resolved as soon as possible, this is not always achievable. The approval and settlement of your Uber insurance will take anything from a few days to a few months. This is true since they must complete several tasks before resolving.

The time it takes for the insurance agent to respond after receiving your demand letter and the claim is variable. Agents must study all of the information in the file, cross-reference your medical records, review your driving record, take notes on the liable driver, and more.

Due to the high volume of claims received by insurance brokers might take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to obtain a response or a settlement offer. Furthermore, the more time you spend bargaining, the longer it will take.

Attorneys specializing in Uber accident cases can assist you in negotiating and ensuring that the insurance company does not neglect your issue.

When insurance companies review medical data, they may deny claims altogether. This is possible if they believe the injuries were not as severe as you claimed. Because Uber’s insurance agents might be shady, the process of gaining a verification and payout can take a long time.

Uber Insurance Issues with Stalling

How Long Does It Take For Uber To Approve Insurance

Stalling is another prevalent strategy. People often question their attorneys, “How long do I have to wait for Uber to approve my insurance?” Insurance companies are well aware of this.

They believe that if you have to wait weeks or months for approval and payment, you will take advantage of the first opportunity for money. They often make low-ball offers in the hopes that you would accept them.

Because Uber is researching the claim or merely procrastinating, it may take some time for them to resolve your complaint. Although it’s conceivable that Uber is simply completing their due diligence (investigating and assessing the claim) and causing the claim procedure to proceed slowly, it’s also possible that they’re deliberately delaying things.

Steps to Getting an Uber Insurance Offer

How Long Does It Take For Uber To Approve Insurance

Before filing an Uber insurance claim, make sure you have a rough concept, estimate, or account of the losses you want to be covered. Only once specific requirements have been satisfied can a payout be handed out. You may attain success by following the instructions below:

Complete your medical care.

First, your medical therapy must have ended, or you must not be seeing any further improvement in your condition despite more treatment (the latter is called Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI).

The reason for this is simple: medical costs are one of the most common types of losses for which insurance is sought in a claim, and the expenditures’ amounts may change if you are receiving continuing treatment.

If you’ve achieved MMI, you’ll be aware of the therapy expenses moving forward, and the numbers won’t be too dissimilar. Medical fees are usually paid with the prospect of future costs being covered.

These future expenditures are only estimates provided by your lawyer, but a physician or group of medics may weigh in. If many physicians concur and agree on the expenses and processes, your future coverage is more likely to be approved in court.

Gather all of your medical expenses in one place.

Second, your lawyer will need to gather and organize all of your medical expenses. These are the most crucial papers to have on hand. This is true since many claims will be evaluated primarily on these expenses, with additional damages being addressed later.

An insurance company is likely to rapidly reject or dismiss a claim that is presented with little attention given to medical costs, or that has insufficient doctor’s notes and suggestions. The insurance company is only natural in disputing medical records and expenses. As a result, it’s critical to have everything laid out and obvious.

An insurance agent will have a lot harder time claiming that a few physicians are dishonest or don’t know what they’re talking about.

Write Uber’s insurance company a demand letter.

Finally, you must write Uber’s insurance agency a demand letter outlining your claim and the relief you want. Demand letters might be the difference between an insurer issuing a check without much fuss or disregarding all attempts to settle your claim quickly.

Your demand letter must be short, simple, and to the point. This should also contain what makes your case unique and what they must consider if a settlement is reached.

Even though Uber’s insurance provider, James River Insurance, seems to have all the cards, your letter will clarify that you are not requesting a favor. You are pursuing damages per the company’s policy, and you will not back down.

A forceful demand letter will demonstrate to the insurance agent that you are not willing to be exploited. Furthermore, having an attorney who has dealt with Uber accidents is a huge plus. With the help of an experienced attorney, your demand letter will be much more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Uber to approve insurance?

The approval and settlement of your Uber insurance will take anything from a few days to a few months.

Why is it taking so long for Uber to resolve your claim?

Uber is taking so long to resolve your case because they are not prioritizing it. Also, they do not want to pay since it would be a financial loss for them, so they will do whatever they can to slow down the process and even persuade you to drop your claim towards them.

What impact does Uber have on insurance?

Your insurance will go up if you become an Uber driver. This is why you should inform your insurer that you work for a ride-sharing firm. If you fail to notify your insurance company, they may refuse to reimburse your damages or other expenses if you are involved in an accident.

Why is it taking Uber so long to accept my application?

Delays in processing might happen for several reasons. Check, for example, may need to confirm information with district courthouses on occasion. This might create delays if a courthouse does not supply electronic court documents or is working at a reduced capacity owing to Covid-19 constraints.

What situations are covered under Uber’s ride-sharing policy?

According to vehicle insurers, the Uber ride-sharing policy applies in these three scenarios:

The grey zone: This is used once you have your Uber app open and roam about the city. You’re also waiting for a rider to ping you on your GPS smartphone, requesting that you pick them up from their position.

When you are on your way to a rider’s location and have a duty to pick them up.

Once you’ve selected the rider and are on your way to the drop-off spot. This period will finish as soon as the rider exits.

If an accident occurs, you should know the name of your insurer. At this point, all you need to do is provide your regular automobile insurance documents with ride-share liability coverage to file a claim. Uber will deactivate your account at this period, and it will reactivate as soon as the repair and claim are completed.


In conclusion, Uber insurance comes with some merits for its users. On the other hand, its approval may come with some hassles. Thus, the highlight on how long it takes for Uber to approve the insurance above will be indispensable for you.



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