Is a Mini Cooper Considered a Sports Car for Insurance?

Is a mini cooper considered a sports car for insurance? You probably already know that a sports car is designed to be fast, has an aggressive appearance, and is built for performance. Sports cars are also often two-seaters with only minimal storage space in the cabin. What you might not know is how these factors influence your insurance rates if you own a Mini Cooper.

Whether shopping for car insurance for the first time or switching providers, it’s important to understand how your insurer evaluates and rates your risk as a driver. Most companies assign drivers into categories like “standard,” “preferred,” or “premier.” These categories affect your premium but not your actual coverage.

When choosing a car, there are several elements to consider when it comes to ensuring it. We’ll explore what makes a car a “sports” model and what other factors could increase or decrease your premiums if you own one of these fun little cars.

How much does Car Insurance for a Mini Cooper cost?

Is a Mini Cooper Considered a Sports Car for Insurance

Full coverage for a Mini Cooper costs around $1,276 annually. It will be $106 per month if you want more precise data. If you own an older vehicle, liability-only insurance for a Mini Cooper may be less expensive than insurance for a more recent vehicle.

As with most automobiles, the insurance cost will depend on the type of vehicle and the insurance provider. Age, driving history, and geographic location also affect rates. However, as previously stated, insurance rates for sports cars will be higher.

Annual average auto insurance premiums Classification of Automobiles Depending on the type of vehicle, the average annual auto insurance premium is $1,594 for a sedan, $1,873 for a sports car, and $1,784 for an SUV, and $1,731 for a truck.

The graph above displays the average annual rates for a selection of popular vehicles. The sports car is in front of the other vehicles on the table. What does Geico associate with sports cars? Because each insurance company has its rules, the best question to ask a Geico insurance agent is what constitutes a sports car.

What kinds of cars do insurance companies call sports cars?

The size of your car directly affects how much insurance you’ll pay each year. People worldwide may wonder if a coupe is the same as a sports car. Is a Mini Cooper a sports car when it comes to insurance?

Do cars with only two seats cost less to insure? Statistics show that smaller cars, like sports cars, are more likely to drive faster than larger ones. This number makes it more likely for them to get into car accidents, get tickets for speeding, etc. These things add up to make the average cost of auto insurance for these cars go up.

If the price puts you off or you need cheaper car insurance, a larger vehicle, like an SUV or a minivan, will have lower rates.

Auto insurance rates are lower for bigger cars because they are safer in accidents. Because your car may cause more damage, your liability may be higher. This means that the liability limit space may raise the rate for these cars.

To understand how much it costs to insure the least expensive sports cars, let’s know how much car insurance will cost.

Average rates for car insurance on the least expensive sports cars to insure Make and Model Rates for Full Coverage Every Month Average MX-5 Mazda Rates for Full Coverage Once a Year $1,174.83 and $97.83 The Roadster Subaru BRZ costs $1,334 and sells for $111.17. The Roadster BMW Z4 costs $1,444 and sells for $120.33. The Fiat 124 Spider costs $1,562.00 $130.17 Chevy Corvette Stingray $1,790 and $149.17 #null# #null# #null#

If you drive a car that costs a lot, your rates may be higher. Depending on the car you drive or the coverage you need, you may switch from your current insurer to a specialty insurer.

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The average cost of insurance for a Mini Cooper

Is a Mini Cooper Considered a Sports Car for Insurance

The Zebra says that the average insurance cost for a Mini Cooper driver is $106 per month or $1276 per year. The average monthly premium for this lovely car in Georgia is $226, which is the most of any state.

Cost to replace

The vehicle’s replacement value is pretty high because your insurance rates go up and how much your car costs. Like the Mini, foreign and high-end cars also cost more to fix, making insurance more expensive.

Most of the time, the premiums for newer models are higher, a Mini Cooper from 2010 costs an average of $1064 annually to insure. In addition, a similar model from 2016 costs $1276.

Your age

The average deductible for a Mini Cooper policy is $1617 greater for a 20-year-old driver than for a 40-year-old driver. This is because younger drivers are more prone to collisions.

Location in the world

Cities and other densely populated areas typically have higher rates than tiny cities and less occupied areas. The things that lead to lower car insurance rates for Mini Coopers are as follows:

Tools to stop thieves

You can save money by putting anti-theft devices on your car.

Better safety features

The low price of this automobile is also a result of its numerous safety features. According to Car Insurance Comparison, all 2020 Mini Cooper models feature stability control, daytime running lights, electronic antilock brakes, antilock disc brakes, and front and side airbags for the pilot and front passenger.

Evaluation of Safety

The safety rating reduces the insurance cost because it is less likely that your policy will have to pay for an injury claim. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration gave the Mini Cooper a four-star overall crash test rating, according to Insurance Comparison.

Mini Cooper received four stars in all crash tests, except the rollover. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the Mini “Good” in all small overlap front, side, roof, and head restraint and seat tests on the website.

Driving Record

If you have been in accidents, gotten tickets, or broken traffic laws in the past, your auto insurance will cost more. However, if you have a clean driving record, you may be able to get a discount.

How to Save Money on Mini Cooper Insurance

Getting a lower Mini Cooper insurance rate necessitates getting married. In most states, married drivers pay lower auto insurance premiums than single drivers with similar driving records.

Your work should also be mentioned when requesting a quote for insurance. Teachers and police officers, for example, are exempt from paying as much for insurance because of the low likelihood of an accident.

Auto insurance premiums are lower for those who relocate to safer areas if you’re considering moving; research insurance rates in your new area before signing a new lease.

If you are a new driver living with your parents, you may want to be added to their insurance policy. If they have a clean driving record, this is a much more affordable option than purchasing a policy.

Auto insurance rates can be reduced by raising your credit score.

According to some insurance companies, people with poor credit histories are more likely to get into an accident. As a result, they raise the price of their products. On the other hand, some states forbid insurance companies from using this strategy.

Less driving is another way to save money on Mini Cooper car insurance.

You’ll pay more in insurance premiums if you drive a lot regularly. You should also exercise caution behind the wheel to lessen your chances of collision involvement. Your insurance rates will go up for three years if you get a ticket or make a claim for an accident you caused, depending on the severity of the incident.

The insurance coverage for your car can also be altered. According to some websites, increasing your Mini Cooper insurance deductible to $1000 may save you as much as $192 annually. A 40-year-old male driver’s insurance policy with a $500 deductible costs an average of $1316 per year.

Shop around to find the most affordable auto insurance rates. Identify your Mini Cooper or the one you want to buy by its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Insurance companies can give you the best price for your policy because of this unique number.’


There is no better small car than a Mini Cooper. 3-door hardtop, 4-door hardtop, and convertible options are available. They’re all the same in terms of power, sporty handling, and luxurious interiors. The touch screen is also simple to use. This vehicle has some drawbacks, including its low gas mileage estimates and lack of room for cargo and people.



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