Does Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires | An Expert Guide In 2022

You’re ready to go on the road when you see your tires have been slashed. So, does insurance cover 3 slashed tires? Yes, if you have comprehensive insurance, your sliced tires are covered. It also doesn’t count how many tires have been slashed. However, deciding whether or not to file a compensation claim is another affair.

Read on to discover all you need to know about insurance coverage for cut tires, then start your hunt for better coverage with our analysis of the top auto insurance companies.

Insurance covers three-cut tires, contrary to common belief. Most people believe you must have all four slashed tires to make an automobile tire claim. That, however, is not the case. To refute vehicle tire coverage myths, you’ll understand whether or not there’s insurance coverage for three-cut tires.

Does Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires?

Does Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires

Yes, three sliced tires, or any number of slashed tires, are covered under comprehensive coverage. Except when the cost of the three cut tires exceeds your comprehensive deductible, insurance will cover your damaged tires.

To put it another way, most vehicle insurance plans enable you to utilize either comprehensive or accident policies to pay for the damage, depending on the reason. If you have enough coverage, it will cover one to four (or more) tires as long as the cost surpasses your deductible. In addition, insurance coverage for tire damage entails the following categories:

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it encounters damaged by anything other than an accident. Fire, extreme weather, animal collisions, theft, and vandalism are examples of this. Be aware that most insurers will cover the cost of restoring your car to its pre-accident condition. The insurance will deduct the value of your tires to account for the mileage they had before the slice. So you’ll receive new tires, but you could have to foot some of the bills.

Collision coverage

This protects you against damage to your tires due to a collision, for example, tire damage from a collision with another vehicle, potholes, garbage, or road spikes. Check with your automobile insurance carrier about the terms of your comprehensive or accident coverage. This can also entail whether or not damaged tires are covered.

If you wish to cover other tires, you should look into a tire coverage plan, which you can typically get through a tire shop.

Tire dealers and retailers provide coverage plans that cover tire wear and tear for a particular number of miles or years, as well as damage from road hazards such as pebbles, spikes, and nails. If you need additional tire coverage from your insurance, inquire about various tire protection policies.

How can I Claim Three Slashed Tires on my Auto Insurance?

Does Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires

It might be hard to know what to do initially if your tires get a slash. You may make use of the following suggestions:

Contact your insurance company.

When claiming three cut tires, the first step is to contact your insurance company. Your insurer may assist you in determining if you are eligible to submit a claim and then begin the claims procedure. It comes to vehicle insurance after vandalism; attempt to retain as much data about the occurrence as possible so that you may report them to the appropriate authorities.

Using your insurance provider for new tires may or may not be in your best interests. First, your deductible must be minimal enough to make a claim worthwhile. Your policy may not cover a set of inexpensive tires if your comprehensive deductible is $500.

If your comprehensive car insurance only covers a percentage of the cost, your premiums will almost certainly rise over the following three years.

There’s a fair likelihood that the rate hike will end up costing you more in the long run than whatever the insurance company paid for it. Having your insurance cover tires is usually only a good idea if the tires are expensive.

Immediately file a police report

You should submit a police report regardless of whether you wish to pursue an insurance claim. Insurance companies may also need you to submit a police report when filing a vandalism claim.

The criminal will face severe repercussions, and your insurance company may be able to make them liable for the car damage charges.

Tell your insurance agent the truth.

Provide as much data as possible about how your tires encounter a slash when making a vehicle insurance claim for three-cut tires. Please take photographs of the infraction, also note details about the occurrence. This may include where your vehicle was parked and what time of day it happened.

You may typically phone your insurance company’s customer care number or make an online request to file a claim. You should always supply precise information so that your insurance company can examine your claim quickly. An appraiser will come out to your car once you file a request to evaluate it and confirm the slash on the tires.

Their responsibility is to ensure that this is not an instance of insurance fraud. Vandalism-related cut tires may get coverage by comprehensive insurance. However, be cautious while submitting a claim since it may encounter rejection if the tires do not get a slash.

Best Insurance Cover for Slashed Tires

Best Insurance Cover for Slashed Tires

Not all insurance companies give the same sorts of coverage. As a result, it’s critical to compare vehicle insurance rates to see what each provider has to offer. We looked at some of the best carriers around the country to see who ranked highest in terms of customer service, coverage, pricing, and other factors. Here are a few of our favorites:


With its Name Your Price feature and several discounts, Progressive has a reputation for saving consumers money. If you have three slashed tires, you may save money by combining several insurances, going paperless, and settling your premium in full. Progressive had a decent grade from our analysis because of these money-saving alternatives and mediocre customer service.

You can also get full coverage insurance from Progressive, including full insurance, underinsured motorist coverage, health insurance, and breakdown cover.

Geico Insurance

For drivers with three slashed tires, Geico is a good choice. With its dependable coverage and excellent customer service, this is entirely possible. Geico provides full insurance, health insurance, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement in all 50 states. Geico offers a variety of discounts, including those for senior citizens, military personnel, and good students.

United States of America Automobile Association

Members of the military and their families may benefit from USAA’s insurance, investing, banking, pensions, and other financial products and services. It employs approximately 35,000 people and has a membership of over 13 million people. Car, home and property, life and health, and supplementary insurance are the four areas USAA offers insurance. Furthermore, its auto, and vehicle insurance policies include automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, and historic cars. Drivers with three cut tires might consider USAA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover 3 slashed tires?

Yes. Your auto insurance will cover your three cut tires or all four tires if you have comprehensive coverage. A typical insurance misunderstanding is that insurers will only cover all four sliced tires if three slashed tires. That is not the case. If you have the proper coverage and your insurer incorporated it in your policy, you will profit from insurance coverage for any number of cut automobile tires.

Is a tire protection plan included in auto insurance?

Tire warranties, specialty tire insurance, or a tire bundle package covering natural wear and tear on your tires are not part of auto insurance coverage. However, depending on whatever state you reside in, you may protect yourself from damage to your tires and wheels caused by potholes, theft, and other misfortunes. This is feasible with the optional coverage listed below:

Comprehensive coverage: This usually protects your car from damage caused by events other than an accident. Flood, hail, robbery, and vandalism are all examples of damage. Comprehensive automobile insurance coverage will compensate for damage caused by a tree puncturing a tire or a vandal slashing your tires during a heavy storm.

Collision coverage: This protects you against damage to your car due to an accident. If your tires encounter damage due to a collision with another vehicle, you may claim under your collision policy to help pay for their repair or replacement.

If you want extra security for your tires, talk to a tire dealer about a tire protection plan. Retailers often provide protection plans that cover normal wear and tear for a certain amount of years or mileage and loss caused by road hazards such as nails. 

Are slash tires cover by roadside assistance?

No. Slashed tires do not get coverage by roadside assistance. Depending on the conditions, it may cover flat tires. If your wheels are destroyed, cut, or stolen, you’ll need complete coverage.

Will I have to file a police complaint if my tires are slashed?

Yes. If the slashed tire is due to vandalism, most insurance companies will request a police report. Notifying the police may also assist you in apprehending the perpetrator and preventing future damage to your car.


In conclusion, car insurance comes with numerous benefits for drivers. And if you are among those who usually ask if insurance covers 3 slashed tires, the tips above will aid you immensely.


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