Does Home Insurance Cover Electrical Wiring | An Expert Guide

Does home insurance cover electrical wiring? This is a popular question among many homeowners today. The homeowner’s insurance policy frequently covers electrical services and damage to residential electrical wiring. Older homes with obsolete wiring such as knob and tube or aluminum wire, on the other hand, are more difficult to insure and cost more. The increased cost of coverage in these situations is due to the much higher fire risk that older wiring poses.

Furthermore, selecting the best homeowners insurance that includes electrical wiring coverage makes sense because your home is one of your most significant and most valuable assets. Indeed, you’ll look for the most outstanding deal, but you’ll also want the correct balance of insurance from a firm that can pay your claims in the event of an accident. Dependable customer service is also a merit. As a result, we’ve outlined all you need to know about home insurance covering electrical wiring below. Come along!

What to Seek in a Home Insurance Policy that Covers Electrical Wiring?

Does Home Insurance Cover Electrical Wiring

Home insurance companies, for the most part, do not provide separate electrical insurance. To get this insurance, you must choose a package covering some or all of your house’s systems and appliances; or a package that solely insures your home devices.

Even if you choose the suitable plan type, there are a few other things to consider when selecting the optimal plan for your electrical system. These include:

Cost-effective pricing

While you want the most acceptable benefits available, you must also ensure that it is within your means. You want to ensure that your home warranty plan is always in good standing because there is a waiting time before utilizing it.

Positive feedback on home insurance

When looking for coverage choices, consumer reviews of home warranties are an excellent resource. You can learn about the quality of service that clients in your region enjoy by checking local reviews.

This is critical, mainly if you live in a rural location. If you live in an area with fewer electricians, you’ll want to go with a company with an extensive network of providers, so you don’t have to stay for as long for service.

Limits on sufficient replacement

Replacement and repair coverage limits apply to every home insurance. You should ensure that the plan you select covers as much of the repair work as possible. If you don’t, you’ll be responsible for a percentage of the work done on your house.

Best Home Insurance that Covers Electrical Wiring

Does Home Insurance Cover Electrical Wiring

Some excellent options in this regard include:

Choice Home Warranty     

Choice Home Warranty has one of the top electrical system insurance policies available. Because the electrical system is one of the essential components of your home, you must adequately protect it against repair and replacement. Choice Home Warranty has a long history in the industry, and its plans are reasonably priced. Thus, now is a beautiful time to consider adding this insurance to your home. The structure of the house insurance plan is one of the first things that help Choice Home Warranty stand distinct.

The electrical system will get coverage by both the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Additionally, these combo contracts include a wide range of other systems and equipment. To acquire similar coverage on your house, companies like Select Home Warranty will add you to either a system-only plan or a pricey combo plan.

Another factor to consider while attempting to preserve your home’s electrical system is timeliness and service quality. Electronic components can be hard to fix, and you may lose power to all or part of your home. There are choices for emergency and free re-service for a failed attempt to fix the electrical system with Choice Home Warranty.

Choice distinguishes itself as one of the most economical insurance for electrical systems, with a premium of only $85. Other packages can charge up to $125 per visit a technician or repair person makes to your home. If you choose the Choice Home Warranty plan, you will not be confused by the contract or how it works. Choice offers the most straightforward plan on the sale, and it makes sense to use the electrical system’s advantages.

American Home Shield

Another excellent choice is American Home Shield. The electrical system will get coverage by AHS and comprise DC wiring, lighting fixtures, and built-in devices such as a range hood. The AHS plan has a long history in the industry. When the company was founded in the early 1970s, house warranties were still a relatively new notion.

The plan has had a reputation for professionalism and low claim denial rates throughout the years. This implies that your electrical system will get coverage as long as you take care of your property and do routine maintenance.

You can add Electrical wiring coverage from American Home Shield to any pre-existing plans, or you can create your own. AHS allows you to customize your insurance options as well as your annual rate. If paying a greater surcharge makes more sense for your budget, you can reduce the yearly price. You can also choose specific plan features as needed and add them to your coverage. Overall, the AHS plan is among the most well-liked, and it’s a safe bet for your electrical system.

Select Home Warranty 

Select Home Warranty has one of the most cost-effective electrical home coverage options. It stands out for its high levels of professionalism in addition to its low prices. Their agents usually pre-approve any electricians who come to fix your wiring, thermostats, circuits, or outlets. Professionals take a long time to master Select Home Warranty’s systems and procedures, so you can nearly always expect a positive experience if you need repair work.

Select Home Warranty, without a doubt, makes it easier for consumers to get the aid they need with their home’s electrical system concerns.

The Select Home Warranty plan is the cheapest plan on the market for electrical systems, with reduced monthly payments and a lower deductible. The premium is $65, which is cheaper than several other deductibles for homeowners insurance.

Homeowners may find that the cost of a house warranty is reasonable enough to decide to get one that much easier. A home will not get denied by Select Home Warranty coverage merely because it is older. Whether this is your first or 40th year as a homeowner, the Select Home Warranty policy may be a good fit.


Amica has an excellent reputation for customer service and offers a wide range of electrical coverage alternatives. The company also offers a Platinum Choice homes policy, taking the standard homeowners policy and adding numerous other plans. The coverage will further cover electrical damage to intelligent gadgets like phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. It also covers or expands coverage limitations for several of the optional features of the standard policy.

Amica also has dividend policies available. This insurance provides the same coverage as standard policies but at a higher cost. In exchange, if the company does well, dividend policies may refund money to you at the end of your policy period. The sum is usually between 5% and 20% of the annual premium for the policy.

Country Financial

Country Financial takes a different approach to house wiring insurance than most other companies. Basic coverage, combination coverage, and premier coverage are the three types of insurance the company offers. You can get special coverage for items like appliance malfunctions if you have elite coverage.

Although their average premium is more significant than many others, Country Financial also provides many discounts, including wiring age discounts, an intelligent heat discount, and a multi-policy discount, which can help you save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does homeowners insurance cover electrical wiring?

Yes. Homeowners’ insurance usually covers electrical wiring, as previously stated.

Does homeowners insurance cover old wiring?

Yes. Homes with ancient wiring types like knob-and-tube and aluminum can get insurance from notable firms.

How much does it cost to fix a bad home wiring system?

The cost of fixing a bad home wiring system can range from $500 to $1,500.

Does home insurance for electrical wiring cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes. Most electrical problems go undetected by homeowners, and most home insurance programs cover pre-existing electrical faults.

How soon can you use home insurance for electrical wiring after purchase?

Before you can use your home insurance, most providers need you to wait 30 days. However, there are a few instances where this isn’t the case. If you notify the firm that you are selling your property, they can waive the waiting time. If you present a recent clean home inspection, some firms may stop the waiting time too.


In conclusion, every home contains a variety of electrical fittings, devices, and wiring that run throughout the structure. Electrical issues can arise in a variety of ways. However, there are several home insurance packages available that can cover all of them. Furthermore, the highlight above will aid you incredibly if you are among those people who usually ask, ‘does home insurance cover electrical wiring?’


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