Best Car Insurance for Doordash Drivers | List of Top 5 Insurance

If you work for the company, getting the best car insurance for doordash drivers is critical. In most circumstances, if you are involved in a collision while on a delivery, your standard personal vehicle insurance coverage would not cover you. Your car coverage exists to protect you while driving for pleasure, not for work. If you use your car to earn money, your insurer will classify it as commercial usage, necessitating additional coverage on your insurance. As a result, this article will be vital to you. Please join us.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a meal delivery business that relies on freelancers. Simply told, it’s a culinary version of Uber (much like Uber Eats). The DoorDash app, founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, allows you to order meals from many local partner businesses. It also allows anyone to register as food deliverers (dubbed Dashers) and, of course, businesses to register to have their food delivered to clients.

It is the most popular food delivery service in the US, according to research. Due to changing times and evolving demands like secure, contactless meal delivery, the app presently dominates approximately 38% of the US food delivery business. It will grow in popularity in 2021. Here’s what you should know if you haven’t tried it yet.

Best Car Insurance for Doordash Drivers: Coverage to Consider

Best Car Insurance For Doordash Drivers

If you’re a doordash driver, your insurance may provide you with one of three forms of coverage if you’re in an accident while making a delivery. They are as follows:

Business-use Coverage

Business coverage can be an add-on for most car insurance plans for a few more dollars each month, and it will protect you. At the same time, you can use the vehicle for business.

According to the study, firms, and automobiles you utilize for such businesses would get protection under commercial coverage insurance. If you use a car for DoorDash deliveries and not for personal usage, you may want to consider this coverage.

Personal Coverage 

While personal protection does not protect business vehicles on its own, some providers may add a note to private insurance noting that the car is for business use. This option may be present only if the vehicle is used seldom for business reasons, and it may raise your insurance cost.

Always inform your insurance that your car is for commercial use. Failure to do so may result in your policy getting a termination. This will also prevent you from getting coverage in the case of an accident.

Door Dash’s Basic Liability

Unlike other meal delivery businesses, DoorDash provides minimal liability automobile insurance to its drivers. This often gets restrictions to liability insurance, which protects the firm from being prosecuted if you drive for them and cause an accident.

It will pay for the other driver’s vehicle’s basic repairs. It’s also essential to note that, although DoorDash offers this coverage, there are specific gaps in the policy, necessitating the purchase of your company coverage. Also, Door Dash’s insurance will only cover you if you’re delivering food on behalf of the firm and there’s food in the car.

This means you won’t be covered while driving to pick up some food, even though your insurance will most likely classify it as a business trip and deny coverage. Because of these circumstances, having your business policy is essential.

What Is Included in DoorDash Coverage?

Best Car Insurance For Doordash Drivers

The following coverages are part of the DoorDash policy for drivers on their employment list:

  • In the event of an accident, bodily injury, property damage to third parties, and property damage to other parties are all possible outcomes.
  • Accidents that happen while food is in your car during an active delivery are your sole responsibility.
  • Once your policy’s protection has been exhausted, DoorDash insurance will begin. The coverage provided by DoorDash is considered supplemental coverage, and it only applies to any extra charges.

Requirements for DoorDash Drivers

According to research, a driver must fulfill specific conditions protected by DoorDash insurance and an official DoorDash driver/vehicle. This includes the following:

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • For their vehicle insurance policy, drivers must have at least the local basic coverage.
  • The car is in good working order.

Best Car Insurance for Doordash Drivers

Best Car Insurance for Doordash Drivers

Various businesses provide adequate insurance and possibilities for DoorDash drivers and other contract workers who work from home. Here are a few examples:


GEICO provides personal car insurance packages that protect you regardless of why you’re driving. This coverage also applies to commercial applications so that doordash drivers will be insured if they are involved in an accident while doing deliveries or using their car for ride-sharing.

The coverage is a major policy rather than needing an add-on to protect the car when doing business operations. GEICO also does not restrict coverage to a single occupation. The insurance will cover a variety of commercial activities that need the use of your vehicle. The main disadvantage is that this form of insurance isn’t available in every state.


Progressive is well-known for ensuring doordash drivers, but it also provides adequate coverage for delivery drivers. They provide one of the most flexible plans, covering any on-demand supply or driving activity without the need for commercial or corporate insurance. Drivers must add the option to their existing insurance to get the extra coverage. In certain jurisdictions, they also refund deductibles.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm offers comprehensive coverage in practically every state. They have a ride-sharing add-on for their insurance, but they will cover DoorDash drivers even if they don’t have it. They don’t need additional coverage since they regard the delivery of goods and meals as a “business use” classification on that vehicle.

Allstate Insurance

Other insurers do not provide certain unique extras to their ride-sharing coverage as Allstate does. Gap protection, which is available in virtually every state and may assist cover the difference between the car’s worth and the amount owing on your loan if your vehicle has an accident, is one such addition.

They also provide deductible gap coverage, which will pay for your deductible if your car gets wreckage. Even better, when you use your vehicle for work, all of your protections from your personal auto coverage remain in force.


Erie is one of the most affordable ride-sharing insurance providers. For many delivery drivers, they have to state that they use their car for work on occasion. They also provide a variety of insurance alternatives for people who want extra coverage. The sole disadvantage of this insurance business is that it is only accessible in a few areas, and you must get it via a broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any specific insurance you need to drive for DoorDash?

Yes. Special coverage is necessary when driving for DoorDash. When you go for DoorDash, the firm offers excess liability insurance. This means it will only pay for harm you do to individuals and their property once the limitations of your automobile insurance policy have been exhausted.

Do I have to tell my insurer that I work for Doordash? 

Yes. To drive for doordash, you’ll need to speak with your insurance and get commercial coverage. Your insurance will not cover you in an accident if your insurer is unaware that you drive Doordash and do not have the appropriate coverage.

Which firms provide the most affordable auto insurance for doordash drivers?

Typically, the following providers provide the best car insurance for doordash drivers:

  • GEICO 
  • Progressive
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Erie

What will make you ineligible for DoorDash?

To be eligible for door dash, you can’t have had any “serious infractions” in the previous seven years. DUI and driving with an invalid license are just a few other examples. You will also get a ban from going for DoorDash if you have committed certain violent felonies.

Can I earn a living with DoorDash driving?

Yes. As independent contractors, DoorDash drivers, known as Dashers, earn money delivering meals. It takes minimal time to get started, pays regularly, has flexible hours, and might be an excellent option to supplement your income. However, profits are subject to change based on demand and delivery specifics.

Does Rideshare cover DoorDash?

Yes. Rideshare insurance is a commercial vehicle insurance coverage created for those who drive for delivery services like DoorDash. A typical liability, comprehensive, or collision insurance coverage is in force while going for personal purposes.

Is it worthwhile to work as a DoorDash driver?

Yes. The average income is over minimum wage, and some drivers have earned a lot of money. However, the work and income are insufficiently constant to serve as a stable full-time position. 


In conclusion, when working with DoorDash, it’s critical to make sure you’re adequately insured. If you don’t have it, you might be held liable for not just your car but also the vehicles of others involved in the collision. To this end, the highlight on the best car insurance for doordash drivers above will aid you immensely.


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