Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Accidents | Top 5 Reviews 2021

Drivers who have been in accidents may have the most challenging difficulty acquiring inexpensive auto insurance. Forget about increased premiums: Did you know that an insurer would identify you as “high-risk” if you have a history of accidents? They may also refuse to cover you as a group. While governments offer a support system for these drivers, the availability of low-cost vehicle insurance tends to dwindle. All hope is not gone at this point. As a result, we’ve written this article to teach you how to choose the best car insurance for drivers with accidents.

What Variables in your Driving make you a High-Risk Driver?

Best Car Insurance For Drivers With Accidents

When an insurer calculates your vehicle insurance rate, they look at both driving and non-driving elements to see how big of a danger you are. First and foremost, insurers consider the following:

The number of at-fault collisions

An at-fault collision may be a key predictor of insurance risk, mainly if a physical injury is claimed. The insurer, which is liable for losses under liability coverage, bears the financial burden typically.

As the corporation covers you in the future, it also results in a continual buildup of risk. An at-fault automobile collision raises annual auto insurance rates by $658 on average. In most states, after an at-fault accident, your car insurance rates will increase for three years.

The total number of speeding tickets issued

Accidents are common when people speed. And on average, you should anticipate your insurance prices to climb by $347 each year following a ticket. Based on the intensity of the infraction, the insurance repercussions of a ticket will vary.

Less serious offenses — like speeding — have a minimal influence on insurance prices. But don’t be tricked: speeding tickets are predictors of more significant accidents, resulting in rising insurance costs. Like an at-fault collision, you may be penalized for a violation for three to five years following a ticket citation.

Reckless driving

Insurance prices climb by an average of over $500 every six-month insurance cycle following a careless driving charge. This may also be around $3,000 throughout the three-year charged period. In many places, reckless driving is defined as driving carelessly and without care, possibly resulting in personal injury and property damage.

This is also a significant driving offense. A reckless driving offense is the seventh most costly ticket that impacts vehicle insurance. The average payout following a reckless driving ticket is $1,173 for six-month insurance.


The hazards inherent with racing have significant insurance ramifications and are the second most expensive infraction to affect auto insurance rates. Drivers convicted of a racing offense will pay an extra $979 per year in vehicle insurance. Don’t race on public roads; drive safely!

Insurers charge drivers convicted for racing $1,218 per six-month policy, according to a study of leading insurance companies after a racing ticket.

Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Accidents: Companies to Opt for

Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Accidents

Some companies which provide great insurance coverage for drivers with accidents include:

Bristol West

Since 1973, Bristol West has specialized in high-risk vehicle insurance, covering drivers who have been in accidents. If you have bad credit, no credit, no past coverage, or even a DUI, the firm positions itself to assist drivers who have difficulty acquiring insurance elsewhere. Farmers Insurance, the sixth largest vehicle insurer in the United States, owns Bristol West. The firm also has an A (Excellent) rating.

Many people pick Bristol West as one of the best insurers that provide excellent car insurance for drivers with accidents because of the variety of high-risk circumstances the company can cover. This is in addition to its user-friendly webpage with online services and comparatively more minor complaints among high-risk insurers.


GEICO also has the best vehicle insurance coverage for drivers with an accident. It also stands out since its prices are lower than some of its rivals specializing in this niche.

It has an A++ (Superior) financial strength grade and is perhaps the most well-known among customers. This is due to the company’s cheeky gecko, which has featured on television advertising for many decades. In independent studies, it also receives top marks for customer and claims satisfaction.

In both 2020 and 2021, GEICO was the highest-scoring insurer in the J.D. Power 2020 Insurance Shopping Study and the J.D. Power Digital Customer Experience Study.

If you prefer to handle your insurance or get estimates using an app, this makes it an excellent choice. Suppose you have a DUI or reckless-driving arrest. In that case, GEICO may also supply SR-22 filings (paperwork submitted with your state to indicate that you are fulfilling the state’s minimum vehicle liability insurance requirements).

If you own a historic automobile or a replica, GEICO collaborates with the American Modern Insurance Group to offer coverage. GEICO looks to be well-prepared for a variety of high-risk driving circumstances. Check GEICO’s rates before turning to a specialist high-risk insurer if you believe you need high-risk insurance.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm is an attractive option if you want to get your driving record back on track and insure yourself with a non-specialized high-risk insurer. In terms of market share, it is the most significant vehicle insurance in the United States. Independent surveys have an A++ (Superior) financial stability rating and high customer and claim satisfaction scores.

For DUI and numerous offenses, State Farm’s prices are often lower than most other conventional insurers. Many customers consider the organization to be the finest in this area because of the value for money. Through membership in the company’s Drive Safe & Save program, drivers who have been in accidents may recoup from increased expenses. It utilizes an app to track safe driving behaviors and may help you save up to 30% on your insurance premiums.


Progressive, the third most significant vehicle insurance in the United States, provides a fantastic online quote tool that compares prices from several insurers and allows you to choose your pricing.

The online quotation will next offer recommendations for the kind of coverage you may anticipate for the price you’ve specified. Since 1937, the firm has been insuring automobiles and is one of the nation’s leading automotive insurers for accident drivers.

Progressive is a telemetric pioneer with a Snapshot safe driver program that may help you save money on your insurance. It makes this possible by using data from a tracking device that monitors your driving patterns. Progressive’s insurance costs vary based on how you get your quotation. It’s important to note that pricing for agents, dealers, and internet sales differs.

This is because the costs of several sales tactics vary. Many consumers choose Progressive due to the prominent features that allow them to tailor their pricing by receiving a quotation digitally or with the aid of an agent.

Kemper Auto

It may be able to assist you if you have had accidents, require an SR-22, or are looking for coverage for a damaged or rebuilt car using salvaged components from other vehicles.

Kemper has an A (Excellent) profitability rating and approximately 6.6 million policies. It provides online sales and email confirmation of quotations. On the other hand, it may be best to speak to a specialist to ensure you get the policy you need.

The registration website is simple, although it does provide alternatives for changing coverage. In addition, the organization offers insurance via unaffiliated agents and brokers who may provide you with advice.

Kemper provides a few good features in its coverage choices for regular automobiles, even though the firm does not offer all alternatives for drivers with accidents or salvaged autos. This allows you to protect all of your vehicles in one spot. New-car replacement and gap insurance are features available on basic automobiles. It also provides roadside help and forgiveness for traffic violations and accidents.

Kemper’s payment reminder service may be helpful if you’ve encountered payment troubles in the past. If your policy is at risk of being canceled due to non-payment, Kemper will send you a text message to remind you to pay.

Many customers also like Kemper’s service features (such as roadside assistance) and the opportunity to insure various conventional and high-risk automobiles. This also includes salvaged vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the best car insurance for drivers with accidents?

Yes. You can get the best car insurance for drivers with accidents through the tips highlighted above.

What types of car insurance cover accidents?

If you are involved in an automobile accident and judged that your activities caused the accident, liability insurance will cover you. Liability insurance will further cover the cost of restoring any property damaged as a result of an accident.

Will my auto insurance go up if I get into an accident? 

Yes. Claiming after an accident will increase your auto insurance rate, regardless of who was to blame.

How long does an accident remain on your insurance policy?

An automobile collision on your insurance record typically lasts three to five years. As a result, an accident might affect your auto insurance cost for the next three to five years.


In conclusion, insurance comes with various merits. And if you desire more help regarding the best car insurance for drivers with accidents, the tips highlighted above will be indispensable for you.


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