Shipcover Insurance vs USPS | Which One Is Best for You?

People send documents every day, so it’s good to keep them safe. It also helps if you pay attention to a few things. Free benefits and different insurance plans may be part of these, primarily if you work with shipping or the US Postal Service, there are a few things to think about. Check out the list below understanding shipcover insurance vs usps.

Signature Verification: by adding signature verification, you can keep track of your products as they pass the shipment process before they arrive.

This feature is usually available to people who ask the USPS for it.

COD: This system lets customers pay for the product when they get it. This option also gives $1,000 in Insurance, depending on the Insurance chosen and the amount of money you earn.

Return Receipt: This option lets you get an electronic or paper copy of the receipt signed by the person who gave you the gift.

Price is an essential factor because you need to consider the risks and costs of shipping many goods. Some of the things to think about worth this discussion:

Slipcover vs. USPS Insurance: Which is better?

Shipcover Insurance vs USPS

People don’t know what kind of Insurance is best at this time. However, the following pages give a good overview of the available services.

Slipcover Insurance

More expensive products are cheaper with ShipCover but less expensive with USPS insurance. For more affordable products, ShipCover is a little cheaper than USPS insurance. Customer reviews say the company is better at paying claims than the USPS.

This may be because a new transportation service needs to build trust and become a good choice. “Warranty” is not in Shipcover’s insurance policy, and it is not in the policy. As a result, people are afraid to buy Insurance.

The government doesn’t like this service. Before you send anything, make sure the service you want to use is legal. Once you remove Insurance from your shipment, it can fall apart at any time, and all future transactions will be thrown out. This isn’t a problem with the Insurance that USPS gives to people.

USPS Insurance

USPS insurance costs a little more for low-priced shipments (like less than $50) and a little less for high-priced shipments (like $100-200 or more).

Collecting and processing claims take a long time, and some customers think the USPS is intentionally slowing it down. The government has helped and trusted us for a long time now. You will have to go to or call the postal center and do some administrative things before filing a claim with the USPS.

USPS Insurance – The Old Option

USPS insurance costs a little more for items that cost less than $50 and a little more for more than $100-200.

The government backs the USPS insurance, which is reliable and has a long history of being good at what it does. When you want to get back a damaged or lost package, you need to call, go to the post office, and fill out paperwork.

Slipcover – The New Option

Slipcover is slightly cheaper for more expensive items, but it’s a little more costly for less costly items. People who have used ShipCover say that the company pays claims much faster and more reliably than the United States Postal Service.

This could be because it is a new service that needs to build trust. By looking at user reviews on different online forums, it is clear that ShipCover is better at paying claims when they happen.

Slipcover insurance tags do not say that they are insured. Your package is secure. It is a secret only you and eBay know about.

They do not know that they have coverage. It also doesn’t help that they don’t understand that the package is insured. They only insure valuable things. So, they are more likely to be stolen.

Slipcover is not funded by the government and is not an insurance company legally allowed to do business in the United States of America. EBay has a shipping tab. You can find it there if you look.

Then, after you choose the type of Insurance, you can click on the legal terms of ShipCover, which looks like a company in California. All claims that are still pending could be erased if ShipCover goes out of business at any time. You’d be out of luck. There is no risk with a company like USPS based in your country. EBay and PayPal have a form you can use to make a claim. It’s quick.

Payout Times

Some eBay sellers say they like ShipCover because it is faster and easier to file a claim than USPS insurance, which takes longer and costs more. Usually, they say, it only takes a few days. However, a USPS claim can take a long time, and sometimes the claim stays just like that. On the other hand, many eBay sellers say they don’t like how USPS insurance works when they file a damage claim.

Payment should take at least two weeks. Most people expect it to take several months. EBay sellers say that the USPS takes too long to process claims. Ship Cover’s insurance label, unlike the USPS’s insurance label, does not say that a package is insured like the USPS’s insurance label does. It doesn’t say that on the box.

It’s just you and eBay who know that the package is covered and no one else. This makes your package safer because thieves are more likely to steal valuable packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slipcover vs. USPS Insurance? What Should I Choose?

If you want to protect the things you carry around every day, it’s not a bad idea to think about other options.

They vary, but some of them are no-return insurance plans, Supplemental Insurance, and so on. This is true even if you don’t want to send a letter or use the USPS. 

Collect is a way to pay for your order when you get it. Depending on the Insurance and how much you want to spend, you can also buy up to $1,000 in Insurance.

Receipt: This option lets you get an electronic or paper permit signed by the person you gave the money to.

Price is an essential factor because you need to consider the risks and costs of shipping many goods. The cost to send a package with Insurance is how much money it costs. If the goods are worth a lot, it might cost more to ship them. It costs more or less to insure a package based on how much it costs and how much the box is worth.

How much does it cost to ship goods with Insurance?

It is essential to file a claim with the carrier or the backup plan if you lose or damage your package. So, you need to do this. Make sure you can prove the value of things. If an item is lost or stolen, you will need to ask the carrier to find it, taking up to ten days. In most cases, they handle claims in a few days.

How does shipping insurance work with the two providers?

USPS claims are easy to file and can be done online. The E-Safety Act lets you send in all documents supporting your claims. Go to the USPS website and log in with your username and password, then you can send mail. 

Do this if you don’t have an account or already have one and want to add more information. To protect your information, you will have to enter the USPS tracking number, your name and delivery date, and other information about the case. Why do you want to say this? Please choose why you want to say it and explain what happened and why.

Send proof of value that will last, like an enormous invoice.

How do I File a Claim with USPS?

  • Keep in mind that the USPS doesn’t track who has bought Insurance, so they can’t check this.
  • My ship has been damaged. How do I report this?
  • Then, go to the website and click on the name of your package to get to it.
  • A button called “Submit a Claim” is on the shipping label, so look for it and click it.
  • Complete the structure of the claim.
  • You will get an email with the case number, the amount of the warranty, and the warranty number.
  • The following things are essential to keep in mind when you file a claim with Slipcover:
  • If you want to make a claim, you have to do so at least seven days after the replacement period ends.
  • To claim a lost or stolen item, you must contact us at least 30 days after the delivery date.
  • If you send a lot of things and only one of them is damaged, you can only make one claim for that one.

Slipcover vs. USPS Insurance: Is Shipping Insurance Worth the Money?

The value of cargo insurance depends on how many and how valuable the goods you are shipping are. No one is likely to lose or damage a standard package or parcel. Most likely, you should get Insurance if you send a lot of valuable things.

How much is UPS insurance per $100?

The UPS package insurance fee is $1.05 for every $100 worth of the package.

Bottom line

As of right now, we should go with ShipCover for eBay shipments instead of USPS insurance.

A big part of this is that you will get the payment for claims quickly and reliably. The USPS often doesn’t pay claims for weeks or months (if they pay them at all). You can know ShipCover for being quick to pay. So, this is the best choice, even though it costs more.

Before you decide whether to buy Insurance through ShipCover or the USPS, you should think about many things, like the ones above. You should choose ShipCover if you want Insurance that is faster, easier, and more reliable for your valuables. You won’t have to pay claims for a long time this way. The faster claims mean that you can get your refunds faster. It also helps you save money when paying customers for lost or damaged goods.


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