Root Car Insurance vs. Geico | A Tabular Guide Explaining Differences

Every driver and vehicle must have auto insurance. By making regular investments, this type of insurance shields a significant expense. It offers insurance for all injuries and property damage in an accident. Root Car Insurance and Geico Insurance are the two major players in the auto insurance sector. This guide on root car insurance vs. Geico will help you.

Both Root and GEICO provide auto insurance. However, their pricing strategies differ. The more conventional choice is GEICO, whereas Root is more technologically advanced with its app-based business strategy. Depending on your driving style, one insurer may be superior to the other. And to assist you more, we have made this post on Root car insurance vs. Geico. Come along!

What is Root Car Insurance?

Root Car Insurance vs. Geico

Since 2015, The Root has provided auto insurance. It is the first auto insurance provider to base rate adjustments on a driver’s driving abilities. Additionally, it offers discounts for drivers of partially autonomous cars, including Teslas, who utilize the Auto steer mode. 

Some of the company’s key achievements include:

Number 1

The Root auto insurance mobile app is functional. The drivers must use the root auto insurance mobile app to take the driving test. To provide a decent score, this often identifies driving behaviors, including gentle turning, seamless braking, and operating within safe hours. The premium reduction granted depends on the driving score obtained after the test.

Number 2

Due to its individualized service, the auto insurance provider offers the lowest prices on the market. The most excellent pricing is given to good drivers. However, Root will not provide coverage to drivers with poor driving behaviors.

Number 3

The business virtually always pays for accident-related losses. One disadvantage is that it’s only offered in 30 states. Customers who recommend Root Insurance to a friend are given a bonus.

Number 4

One of the most well-known insurance firms is Root. Root utilizes its app to collect data and determine premiums for its consumers then, rather than only using demographic and historical data like the insured’s prior driving skills or credit history, rates are established based on the insured’s driving behaviors and frequency.

Number 5

Root auto insurance offers coverage depending on the driver’s driving habits. It utilizes technology to calculate speed, brake use, and driving consistency and presents various insurance options. Additionally, it enables customers to alter policies per requirements and circumstances.

Number 6

Despite being a newcomer, Root Insurance defies long-standing conventions in the auto insurance industry. Root does not base its prices on your demographics but on your driving patterns. Even young drivers may be qualified for affordable rates due to this pricing scheme.

Root claims that clients have saved up to $900 annually compared to their prior plans thanks to its digital-age and vehicle insurance approach. Although Root doesn’t provide any add-ons for its basic coverage, consumers laud its comprehensive app.

Number 7

Roadside assistance is a feature of Root coverage, assisting motorists in the case of an automobile emergency. Rental vehicle coverage is one of the few additional protections offered by Root. If you choose this policy, Root will pay for rental car expenses up to a certain amount while your car is being serviced or replaced following an accident. Additionally, Root reimburses users for Lyft trips.

Number 8

Root and Homesite have a partnership that enables current vehicle insurance clients to combine insurance. As a stand-alone insurance plan, root coverage is not offered. In this case, a consumer might save 10% by bundling if registered with Root’s auto insurance program.

Despite having a good reputation for financial stability, the firm gets more consumer complaints than usual. Customers seeking outstanding customer service may consider coverage with a more reputable insurance company. Additionally, the firm’s mobile app, rather than a website, is the only place to get Root insurance rates.

What is Geico Insurance?

Since 1936, Geico Coverage has offered drivers protection products in the auto insurance sector. Geico Insurance provides basic coverage for every driver, regardless of whether they operate a motorcycle, automobile, or watercraft.

Geico Insurance is renowned for its unrivaled extra benefits, including Mechanical Failure Coverage (MBI), vehicle roadside help, and ridesharing insurance. This also includes rental vehicle reimbursement, which is not often provided by auto insurance carriers.

Geico Insurance’s Highlights

  • Geico Insurance offers a bespoke mobile app that analyzes a user’s driving patterns. This covers road conditions, braking and speeding habits, and other driving distractions. This contributes to giving the continued premium further savings. Additionally, it offers federal workers and active military personnel a special discount. However, most users lament the mobile app’s poor performance while enjoying the extensive range of coverage choices offered. For all types of drivers, it is recognized for its low prices and significant policy limits. Additionally, AM Best gave it a financial strength rating of A++.
  • Geico Insurance offers coverage products in other fields besides auto insurance. This comprises insurance plans for the property, jewels, life, travel, pets, tenants, businesses, and personal watercraft. When contrasted to other insurance providers, Geico provides low premium prices.
  • Geico Insurance does not adhere to customization for every motorist and instead offers consumers a single insurance policy. Geico Insurance provides excellent coverage options and extras like Mechanical Fault Coverage (MBI), emergency road support, and ridesharing insurance. In addition to the standard plan, users may take advantage of numerous other discounts and refunds for rental cars.
  • GEICO is one of the most well-known insurance providers in the nation and has the second-largest customer base for vehicle insurance. Customers frequently give the business high marks for customer satisfaction. GEICO is renowned for having some of the most reasonable rates among the big carriers.
  • GEICO’s coverage is still a vital component of the firm’s product portfolio, even if it makes up a smaller percentage of its revenue than auto insurance. GEICO collaborates with other insurance companies around the country to provide house insurance. Despite this, both third-party and customer service ratings are still quite good.

Differences between Geico and Root Car Insurance

Root Car Insurance vs. Geico

The main distinction between Root Car Insurance and Geico Car Insurance is that the former operates on the premise that insurance is provided per how the driver works the vehicle. Instead of concentrating on specific strategies, Geico operates on the tenet of the demographic profile model.

Other distinctions include:

  • While Geico coverage offers universal coverage for all drivers, Root auto insurance offers policies depending on driving abilities.
  • While Geico insurance covers every motorist, root car insurance is only available to those with excellent driving practices.
  • Only drivers of automobiles are covered under Root auto insurance. On the other hand, Geico insurance protects owners of many types of vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, watercraft, classic automobiles, and other vehicles.
  • Drivers of semi-autonomous vehicles and those practicing safe driving are eligible for special savings from Root Car Insurance. However, Geico insurance offers military personnel and government workers discounts on rates.
  • To cover potential losses and injuries from accidents, Root auto insurance provides plans. However, in addition to standard procedures, Geico Insurance offers extra benefits.
  • Geico auto insurance is offered across the US, while Root auto insurance is only available in 30 states.
  • Discounts on auto insurance are often relatively small, but they can add up. In general, GEICO provides more chances for deals than Root.

Root Car Insurance vs. Geico: Tabular Comparison

In addition to the general highlights, the table below will aid you regarding root car insurance vs. Geico.

Comparative parameters  Root Car InsuranceGeico Insurance
PrincipleDepending on the driver’s ability, root car offers customizable premium  Gives each driver access to standard plans  
PoliciesCovers all potential accident-related losses  It provides extra benefits in addition to common injury and damage plans.  
Several automobiles  Solely addresses vehicles  Includes automobiles, bicycles, watercraft, boats, classic cars, and other vehicles  
Towing service  Every coverage includes roadside assistance  The user should seek roadside assistance if they want to utilize it.  
Special savings  Offers discounts for safe drivers and the usage of cars with partial autonomy  Military personnel and government workers get a deal.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Root Car Insurance?

A company that specializes in vehicle insurance is called Root Car. Liability, crash, complete, and medical insurance are all included. Through the application, you can also purchase SR-22 insurance.

What is Geico Insurance?

Since 1936, Geico Coverage has offered drivers protection products in the auto insurance sector. Geico Insurance provides basic coverage for every motorist, whether they operate a motorcycle, automobile, or watercraft. Geico Insurance is renowned for its unrivaled extra benefits, including Mechanical Failure Protection (MBI), emergency roadside help, and ridesharing insurance.

Are both Root Car and Geico Insurance worth it?

Yes. Both Root Car and Geico Insurance are worth it. This can be seen in the above highlight on Root car insurance vs. Geico.


In conclusion, both firms—Root auto insurance and Geico auto insurance—are well-known and well-liked auto insurance providers, covering millions of automobiles. The way that each company operates differs from the others. However, the goal is still to safeguard the driver and his household for the least amount of money feasible.

We’re classifying this as a tie since these businesses serve different clientele. For drivers who travel often and appreciate coverage alternatives and savings, GEICO could be the best choice. On the other side, customers who don’t drive much and want to save money could find Root’s pricing structure appealing.

Every motorist should get insurance from a provider that will meet their needs and urgency. In an emergency or disaster, this will assist in reducing financial obligations.

Most plans aid in covering damages but do not completely cover the car, injuries, or loss. Before purchasing any insurance, it is crucial to read all the terms and conditions and understands any ambiguities.


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