How to Get Renters Insurance Declaration Page | Step by Step Guide

A declarations page is often on the first page of the policy you find. It tells you the most important things about the procedure, like how much it costs and coverage. Let’s learn how to get renters insurance declaration page.

Your renters’ insurance declarations page is usually attached to the front of your policy. You might already have a copy of your renters’ insurance policy in digital or paper form.

If your policy doesn’t have a declarations page or you don’t have a copy of it, you should contact your insurance company to get one. Some service providers make it easy to find your policy and declarations page on their website or app. You will get a new declarations page if you change your coverage limits.

The Renters Insurance Policy Declarations document outlines the purchased coverages, limits, and co-payments. Typically, you will receive a new declarations document when you renew your policy each year. It is advisable to review your renewal documents to ensure accuracy. You have the necessary coverage and are aware of any changes to your premium and other pertinent details.

How to Get Renters Insurance Declaration Page

How to Get Renters Insurance Declaration Page

Most renters’ insurance policies cover one year. If you pay your insurance policy by the due date, it will automatically be renewed for the time you chose.

Policy Term: 

Most renters’ insurance policies last for one year. If you pay your insurance policy by the due date, it will automatically be renewed for the time you chose.

Location of the Property: 

This shows the address of the insured property.

Location of Property: 

This shows the address of the insured property.

Total Premium: 

This is the total amount of money you will pay for the policy. This is the total amount of premiums you’ll pay over the policy’s life.


This section lists everything that your renter’s insurance covers.


When you file a claim for a covered loss, the amount you pay out of pocket is your deductible. Under each coverage on your policy, you will write out the deductibles.


It indicates whether you chose Actual Cash Value or Reimbursement Provision for Personal Property.

Limits on whose Responsible: 

This is how much Allstate will pay for each covered loss. What does “covered loss” mean? It’s an insurance term for a loss that the policy will pay for. 

Why does my landlord want a copy of my Declarations Page?

How to Get Renters Insurance Declaration Page

Your declarations page has forms and endorsements. Likewise, the information about them is included. You must obtain a policy endorsement to add your landlord as a new interested party. This means that it adds a document that modifies the policy so that your landlord knows when the policy’s status changes.

This document is essential for your landlord for two reasons. First, they will verify that you have the coverage you claim to have. Almost certainly, it is a requirement of your lease. Additionally, they wish to confirm that you have included them on your list of interests.

Your landlord wants to be a third party because renters insurance is required. Unfortunately, some individuals will display the declarations page before canceling or allowing the policy to lapse due to nonpayment. For this reason, your landlord requires the document. You would never engage in such conduct, but many others would.

Is my landlord’s privacy at risk if I give them the Declarations page?

No. Giving the declarations page to your landlord does not put your privacy at risk. There’s nothing on there your landlord doesn’t already know.

The person who rents to you knows where you live.

Your contact information is primarily private unless you are communicating with your landlord. Similarly, your landlord should be aware if you have roommates, so having them sign the policy does not divulge any private information.

You may be eligible for an exception if you have jewelry or other high-value items on your renter’s insurance. You should not tell your landlord if you own a $10,000 watch.

Instead, call, for example, Effective Coverage and request a certificate of insurance without that information. It contains many of the same details as your declarations page but does not include coverage for valuable items, so your landlord will not be aware of that.

How much renters’ insurance you pay is also not private information?

How to Get Renters Insurance Declaration Page

In California, renters insurance costs about $15 per month on average, which is by the landlord. The cost of insurance is irrelevant to the landlord as well. This information says nothing about you or your finances, especially considering that you likely obtained the apartment after passing a credit check. You may give your landlord a copy of the declarations page that does not contain personal info.

Adequate coverage is the only company in the country that offers instant renters insurance quotes and purchases via smartphone or tablet. Get a renter’s insurance quote online immediately to protect your loved ones. Remember that you can be smart with this and make a clear declaration.

How much insurance do landlords need renters to have?

How much insurance do landlords need renters to have

If your landlord wants you to have renters insurance, your lease will tell you how much you need to buy.

The following are typical parts of a renter’s insurance policy:

Most landlords require tenants to have personal liability insurance, which pays for injuries that other people get in your apartment.

Insurance for personal property: This part of your policy protects the things you own. But since your landlord only owns the building where you live, they usually don’t care if your personal belongings are covered.

Your landlord will usually tell you how much insurance you need. The state also makes a difference.

Only in Oklahoma is it against the law for landlords to make tenants buy insurance. In some states, like Oregon and Georgia, your landlord can’t make you buy too much.

In some states, like Virginia, landlords can pay for renters insurance on their tenants’ behalf and add the rent cost. Before buying your policy, make sure this isn’t the case. If it is, you’ll be paying twice for the same coverage.

But if your lease doesn’t require renters insurance, your landlord can’t hold you legally responsible if you decide not to get it.


If your lease says you need renters insurance, it’s easy to get it. Unlike other types of insurance, there are no waiting periods for renters. You can also buy insurance in person or on the Internet. 

Most insurance companies have websites, so you can buy renters insurance and show proof of purchase online in less than 30 minutes. The process is quick, and you won’t have trouble registering because it is intuitive.


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