How Long Before Geico Cancels Insurance | An Expert Guide

The standard grace period for vehicle insurance is ten days from the due period of payment. However, there are two options. If you cannot pay on time, Geico gives you a nine-day grace period. When adding a new car to an existing Geico auto insurance policy, you have a 30-day grace period. Let’s find out how long before Geico cancels insurance.

You can drive your new vehicle during the grace period and get the coverage by your existing Geico policy if you already have Geico coverage. You will then get a termination notice, giving you another 12-14 days to cancel.

Your policy will renew without lapse if paid within three days after that. However, please note that the three-day grace period begins on the 12th. However, let’s discuss more this grace period.

How Long Before Geico Terminates Insurance

How Long Before Geico Terminates Insurance

If you state your point and ask for assistance, they will prolong a nine-day time window if you cannot make your auto insurance subscription. Making up your automobile insurance coverage generally has higher penalties, such as a higher premium or a more restrictive payment plan.

If you completely omit a repayment, they will send you a legal notice in 14 days, reminding you that your insurance will be canceled if you do not make the amount outstanding.

On the other hand, Delayed payments are not penalized by the insurer. Because they handle coverage payments in advance, you get protection for the next month. This provides you with enough time to make your next payment.

What happens when car insurance is canceled?

Most companies will ensure you and your vehicle if they consider you a high-risk customer, but there may be a cost. Your insurance company may cancel your policy if a higher premium is not enough to cover the risk.

The tricky step is that many companies follow the same rules regarding selling insurance. If GEICO cancels your coverage due to a high number of claims, you may not be able to purchase coverage from Progressive for the same reason.

What to do after auto insurance is canceled?

How Long Before Geico Terminates Insurance

After they cancel your insurance, you have several options. First, get an accurate explanation of why they did that. If the cancellation was due to a minor infraction, such as missing a payment or failure to provide a document, the company might allow you to resume coverage.

If your motor insurance has been terminated and you cannot restore it, try employing a non-traditional auto insurance firm. Several large insurance firms impose insurability quotas.

If Progressive refuses to renew your insurance because of your frequent claims, another company might refuse to provide you with a policy for the same reason. Non-standard insurance providers, on the other hand, may be willing to insure you despite your driving record.

A non-standard auto insurer is a company that specializes in insuring drivers who have high-risk rating characteristics. Keep in mind that non-standard organizations may not provide the same level of protection as primary insurers. Before purchasing a policy and paying insurance premiums, read the fine print to understand what is part of the policy and what is not.

Making Your Payments

  • The amount of your yearly premium will be specified in the documentation when you obtain automobile insurance coverage. You may pay for your insurance in whole or installments, which they may set quarterly or monthly.
  • When setting up your rates, you may automate payments to guarantee that your coverage does not expire and your rates are paid on time. If this is not the case, you will be invoiced online or mail.
  • The invoice will mention the charge deadline and the time limit, expressly noting that your coverage will expire if your reimbursement is not paid by the due date specified on the statement.
  • The grace period will be specified in your insurance policy when you purchase it. The waiting period is usually approximately one week.
  • In certain places, the insurance provider is required by law to provide you a formal notification 7 to 10 days before your plan expires, allowing you to fix the mistake.

Is it Possible for Me to Use My Grace Period Monthly?

Customers may utilize their waiting time monthly with certain insurance carriers. It is, however, never a good step to do so. Contributing to your time frame monthly might affect your insurance coverage in the long run.

Paying after the grace period ends might result in late fees and penalties and the possibility of paying more than regular.

What Happens If I Have An Accident in My Grace Period?

What Happens If I Have An Accident in My Grace Period

If you are involved in a road crash during the time limit, your insurance will cover the costs as usual. If you have an accident after the waiting time, your insurance will not cover you, and you will be responsible for the damages you cause.

Driving without coverage is costly, and it may lead to higher insurance rates, court fines, prison time, termination of driving privileges, and even vehicle seizure. Drivers are obliged to have insurance in 48 of the 50 states.

In the case of an accident, if you pay your insurance within the grace period, you will be covered. If you are overdue on your repayments, the grace period has expired, and you cause a crash, you will be solely responsible for the damages to your automobile and any other cars involved in the incident.

What about if the payment is not yet due?

If your vehicle insurance payment is not yet due or has not been processed, but you know you will not be able to make it, you may be able to postpone or extend the due date until you can collect the funds. Depending on your insurance, you may not even have to contact an agent. Customers can, for example, use Geico’s mobile app to postpone auto-pay bills for up to nine days.

If you have a legitimate reason for missing a payment, the agent you work with may have some discretion in how much leeway they give you. If your insurance company allows it, they may be able to arrange a partial payment to keep you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GEICO have a cancellation fee?

They won’t charge you a cancellation fee when you terminate your insurance coverage with GEICO. The following steps are simple once you have called to cancel. You have the option to cancel your insurance immediately or set a future cancellation date.

Can you terminate GEICO car coverage on the web?

GEICO does not currently have an online service that allows you to cancel your car insurance. To cancel your GEICO car insurance, you will need to speak to an agent or follow the steps outlined by the automated feature.

How to terminate GEICO auto insurance?

All you need to cancel your GEICO auto insurance is a few minutes and a few easy actions. This firm offers a simple canceling procedure that is free of charge. You’ll need your GEICO registration details and contact information to talk with a trained representative to terminate your coverage. Follow the instructions below to terminate your GEICO auto insurance:

  • For further information, call (800) 841-1587.
  • Next, speak with an authorized person
  • An interactive voice setup may ask you to say
  • “Insurance coverage cancellation,” followed by “vehicle.”
  • Make a note of your GEICO reference number.

Can another person cancel my GEICO policy on my behalf?

According to GEICO, only the policy owner can cancel coverage. Unless the person has power of law for the policyholder, the firm will not allow another person to terminate the car coverage policy.

How long does it take for insurance to be Cancelled?

Because you have not made a payment, they will not revoke your car insurance coverage immediately. State law requires auto insurance companies to notify you before canceling your policy. Based on the state, you will usually have between 10 and 20 days.


If you’ve got a monthly plan from a card or checking account each month, you can postpone payment for up to nine days without incurring penalties or late fees. If they don’t receive the money within nine days, you will receive a cancellation notice. That one will last about two weeks. There is usually a three-day delay after those two weeks.

You may terminate your GEICO vehicle coverage if you don’t like the support service if you’re moving to a different state, trading a vehicle, having issues settling your payments, or discovering a cheaper plan.

The canceling GEICO vehicle insurance procedure is quick and straightforward, and there are no cancellation costs. You can’t terminate your vehicle coverage online.

In special situations, like altering marital status, storing a vehicle or moving, GEICO provides adaptable alternatives. Calling a GEICO representative is the best method to learn about your options.

Before dropping your GEICO vehicle insurance, you should get another coverage.

This is necessary to prevent posing a risk to coverage carriers (as high-risk individuals) due to a coverage gap.

If you enjoy your current insurance but won’t be driving for over one month, you might cancel it. For various reasons, you be required to terminate your vehicle insurance coverage.

The cancellation rules of each insurance provider differ. As a result, it’s always a good idea to conduct your studies and contact your broker to understand more regarding the steps.

GEICO makes canceling a policy straightforward, even though it is impossible to do it online. Make sure your GEICO insurance number is available before you make the call, since they will request it.


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