Does Insurance Cover Broken Axle | Details about Broken Axle Insurance

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your car’s axle until something goes wrong with it. And when something does go wrong – like a broken axle – you may not know whether or not your insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs. So, does insurance cover broken axle?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what exactly an axle is, what can cause it to break, and whether or not your car insurance policy will help pay for the repairs. Stay tuned!

Collision coverage typically pays for a broken axle if the circumstances are right for it to do so. If you damage an axle in an automobile accident, the insurance company must pay for repairs, whether you crash with another vehicle or strike a guard rail.

If an accident caused the broken axle (for example, hitting a pothole), and you have collision coverage on your auto insurance, then the cost of the repair, minus any deductible, would be reimbursed.

Regular auto coverage will not cover damage resulting from mechanical failure, every day wear, and tear, or a lack of (or incorrect) maintenance.

If your vehicle is still under warranty or if you obtained breakdown insurance, you may be covered in the event of a mechanical failure. However, such policies are not frequent. Let’s discuss it further:

Does Insurance Cover Broken Axle

Does Insurance Cover Broken Axle

First and foremost, companies will determine your insurance policy and your coverage. Because not all policies are the same, double-check your coverage so you know where you are.

Suppose they determine that the broken axle was caused by accident, such as hitting a pothole, and you have comprehensive coverage that includes collision. In that case, you may pay front axle replacement costs after you pay the deductible.

When your front axle breaks, you must replace it; nevertheless, changing the axle is not the end of this project. It requires any whenever there is. You risk damaging the axle again if you change it without aligning it.

A car’s daily maintenance includes ensuring that it has petrol and oil, that the tires are inflated, that it is locked while not in use, and that you are wearing seat belts.

Other routine maintenance includes rotating the tires, changing the oil, and inspecting all fluids. Then there are significant concerns that you should never have to deal with, such as front axle replacement.

When Will Car Insurance Cover a Broken Axle?

Accidental damage insurance will cover the cost of replacing a damaged axle in some cases.


The insurance company will pay for repairs if you damage an axle in an automobile accident, whether you crash with another vehicle or strike a guard rail.


Damage to your vehicle’s suspension, bent or fractured rims, misaligned wheels, and other issues might result from driving over a pothole. You’re protected if a pothole ruins an axle.

You must pay deductibles first before your insurance provider assists you in paying for car repairs in the event of a collision. They won’t reimburse you for damages that are less than the amount of your deductible.

When Will Car Insurance Not Cover a Broken Axle?

Does Insurance Cover Broken Axle

Axle damage can occur for various reasons. Not all of them are related to accidents or potholes. Insurance will not cover the damage if your broken axle is caused by any following.

Typical wear and tear

Nothing lasts for eternity. Owning a car entails some degree of wear and tear. Like brake pads, belts, and hoses, axles need to be replaced as they begin to wear out. Insurance won’t pay to fix or replace your axle if it breaks down due to everyday use.

A surplus of heft

Axles hold the entire weight of your vehicle, as well as any additional weight you may have placed inside of it. Insurance won’t pay out if an axle fails due to overloading. Check out our towing capability guide for more information.

There isn’t any protection against collisions with other objects.

No state imposes a compulsion to carry collision insurance. Insurers won’t pay for a broken axle if an accident or pothole caused the damage if you don’t include this in your policy.

How Do I Know If I Have a Broken Axle?

A car axle is a bar or rod that spins the wheels of your vehicle. Your axles must function properly for you to steer and brake. If your axle is broken, you may experience rumbling, shaking, clicking, or banging when driving, particularly when accelerating or turning.

Your automobile may not move if the axle is broken. If you can start your car and it appears to be operating normally but won’t move when you press the gas pedal, a damaged axle is a potential cause.

What’s the Cost of Repairing an Axle?

What's the Cost of Repairing an Axle

You should budget several hundred bucks to repair your axle. Prices vary based on the make and type of your vehicle, but here are some ballpark figures to get you started.

  • $550-$740 for front axle repair
  • $480-$550 for rear axle repair

Does my insurance cover the damage to the trailer even though I wasn’t hauling it?

Your insurance provider should cover the claim as long as your policy permits permissive use. Permissive use means that you will pay claims if you allow permission to use the car (who does not drive it regularly or resides with you).

Remember that when they pay out a claim under your policy, it will generally appear on your claims history record. It will almost certainly be reported as an at-fault collision and can affect your premiums for up to five years.

It signs your car axle needs fixing.

The axles of your vehicle should be quiet and smooth. It’s critical to respond soon if you observe any following symptoms.

Vibrations in the steering wheel

You may feel vibrations from the steering wheel. This is a symptom of a bent axle or poor alignment. After striking a large pothole or being in an accident, vibrations are more likely to occur.

Noises in the Car

As you drive, you can notice clicking or clunking sounds. This is due to the axles causing friction with other parts of the car they should not be in contact with.

While Driving, You Have Instability

You may notice that your car is pulling to one side. As the driver, this may not be easy to detect. If you suspect your axles are inadequate, have a friend inspect your wheels while the car is in motion.

Does my auto insurance cover damage caused by potholes?

Does my auto insurance cover damage caused by potholes

The great news is that, as long as you have an underinsured motorist, pothole damage is typically covered. Auto insurance, an optional addition to a standard car insurance policy, protects a vehicle against damage caused by an item (such as a sinkhole, lamp post, or side rails), another car, or tipping over.

Nevertheless, it does not cover damage to a car or its tires as a result of impaired driving conditions.

Collision coverage is not confused with adequate coverage, which is also an option. Theft, vandalism, floods, and damage from falling objects such as trees are all covered under full coverage.

Liability coverage pertains to an injury sustained to others by you, the insured, or the nominated driver if you collide with another vehicle.

Some localities, such as Texas and New York, may pay for sinkhole damage in specific situations and make a lawsuit with your insurance provider.

A motorist who has injured a pothole should find out who is accountable for the road and ask about compensation for pothole damage. After then, the driver must submit a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance pay for maintenance and repairs?

Many axles can last the life of the vehicle if properly maintained. Even if insurance does not cover routine repairs, it may pay axle repairs if you break them due to a covered item.

Comprehensive and collision insurance policies may pay for your axle repair if it breaks due to a car accident. Some plans even cover repairs caused by inclement weather.

Make sure that you have insurance that covers as much as feasible. In this manner, you may drive with confidence.

When the time arises, is my insurance going to be enough?

Aside from the monthly cost of auto insurance, there are various other aspects to consider. It might be challenging to locate insurance that covers you when you need it, has a low deductible, and offers a variety of discounts.

Should I claim for car damage after hitting a pothole?

Assume your car’s axle needs repairing and will cost $400 to repair. If you have a $500 deductible, you will have to pay more out of pocket to fix it than the repair cost. If this isn’t your first recent claim, your insurance rates may rise slightly.

Can I still drive my car with a broken axle?

Clicking sounds and a vibrating steering wheel are indications that your axle is failing. It may not completely break it yet, but it could be at any moment.

Driving your car while the axle breaks, you may lose control. This could lead to an accident in which harm you or others.

It is far easier and less expensive to repair a defective axle than to cope with an accident. As soon as you find a problem, fix your axle.

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Broken Axle?

Even a comprehensive insurance policy will not cover the expense of a damaged axle. The insurance doesn’t cover routine maintenance charges. If a covered item damaged the axle, they might pay for a replacement.

If your car was in an accident and the vehicle damaged the axles. As a result, comprehensive collision insurance coverage should cover the repairs. Some insurance coverage will even cover damage caused by inclement weather.

Bottom line

The type of insurance determines it. Ordinary basic automobile insurance requires a driver to have insurance for any damage that could make to a third party or their property. As a result, this would not cover a broken axle.

More comprehensive insurance policies may cover driving-related damage. Thus it may depend on how is the damage to the axle.

It is possible to purchase insurance for significant components such as the engine and transmission. It’s common for a garage to acquire this type of guarantee on the vehicles they sell.

Accidental damage is not part of coverage by this policy, which has restrictions and inspections attached to it.

The vehicle driver was pleased to learn that their insurance company would cover any damages incurred in connection with a fender-bender caused by floodwaters.

The limit for this coverage is generally between $100 and 200 dollars per occurrence. Still, usually, individuals are not charged unless they make claims more than once within two years of driving on an accident 96% percent tearfully tells you how much it costs them when something goes wrong while traveling through water or other liquids!

Worldwide automobile insurance policies and standards differ. So, it is necessary to study the fine print to see what it covers.


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