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Do Geico homeowners insurance cover Pitbulls? Geico does not insure homeowners. They rely on the services of other companies to conduct business. The insurance firms Geico employs to place business have dog breed limits.

If you own a Staffordshire Terrier or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed or a Rottweiler or a Doberman Pinscher or German Shepherd or a Great Dane, you’re covered by Geico. Under personal liability coverage, if your dog attacks someone, you will receive the coverage.

Geico doesn’t have specific dog breed restrictions as an insurance agency, but they deal with many other companies. 

According to a spokesman, some mates are highly tolerant of different breeds as long as they haven’t had a history of aggression. In some cases, there may be further limits, such as a limit on liability coverage, depending on the breed. Others might raise the price for specific species.

Pet insurance can help manage health costs for your pets.

Animal care costs are part of the coverage, depending on which ailments or treatments are in the policy. This can help you save money on your pet’s health care and allow you more time to spend with them. It is possible to obtain complete pet insurance coverage via the GEICO Insurance Agency

What is Covered by Pet Insurance?

This comprises everything from head to toe:

  • Unexpected occurrences (e.g., broken bones, swallowing something)
  • Infirmities (not pre-existing)
  • Problems with the teeth
  • Cancer

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to be compensated for up to 90% of a qualified veterinarian’s charges.

Without pet health insurance, pet bills can be costly.

Even for primary care, keeping a pet may be a costly proposition. These expenses can soar through the roof if you are sick or hurt on a bad day. Insurance for your pet’s well-being can alleviate some of these costs. 

Breed Restrictions: What Dogs Will Insurance Not Cover?

Does Geico Homeowners Insurance cover Pitbulls

It safeguards your assets if your house suffers damages or someone else suffers an accident on your property.

Many homeowners’ insurance providers may even cover accidents involving your pet as part of their liability insurance for those who own a dog.

However, you could wonder: Which dogs don’t receive the coverage by insurance?

Since its founding in 1936, GEICO Insurance Agency has offered protection to property owners across the country, quickly establishing itself as a market leader. This property insurance company has become one of the countries largest. 

In addition to its adorable gecko, it is well-known for its low prices. Furthermore, a less expensive coverage may not be worth it for many customers.

As long as GEICO is financially viable now and soon, people have little faith in the company’s customer service. Of course, insurance companies’ customer service scores aren’t much better than a few years ago. The claims process, in particular, maybe a nightmare. But GEICO’s unique mix of conditions typically results in a more perplexing customer support process than other companies might have.

Why on Insurance Companies’ Websites don’t show Breed Restrictions?

Does Geico Homeowners Insurance cover Pitbulls

You should know a few things concerning insurance policies before beginning our listings.

Additionally, liability coverage varies from state to state, as it should. Most insurance companies wouldn’t have breed limitations if that wasn’t bad enough.

Insurers don’t just declare their breed limits on their websites because restrictions vary according to where you reside and who is drafting your policy.

It may still be worthwhile to contact any possible companies you want to discover more about local regulations.

Can dog breeds be a factor in homeowners’ insurance premiums?

Insurance companies refuse to provide homeowner policies for persons with animals or breeds deemed harmful by the industry. Only the dog species are considered while deciding, not each dog’s distinctive qualities.

What breeds of dogs are considered risky by insurance companies?

It is worth noting that also includes Chow-Chinese-Great-Dane and Alaskan malamute dogs in their top 10.

Does Geico have any preferences when it comes to dog breeds?

Geico doesn’t have any specific dog breed restrictions as an insurance agency, but they do deal with some other companies. 

Certain Dog Breeds’ Problems with Insurance Companies

Does Geico Homeowners Insurance cover Pitbulls

Discrimination against pit bill holders may come as a surprise if you have one. They make excellent pets if they receive proper training. On the other hand, insurance companies are typically concerned about limiting their exposure to potential liabilities.

In the past, pit bulls were commonly employed for dogfighting, and they were often trained to attack rather than behave like other dog breeds. This bias towards particular breeds is based on this truth. As a result of this past, they have been considered a more violent and dangerous breed, backed up by data. According to the CDC, from 1979 to 1994, pit bulls were responsible for most human attacks and deaths.

Damages and injuries that can cause your dogs are generally part of the coverage under the liability insurance for your home. Because pit bulls have been discovered to bite more frequently than other dogs, it’s not hard to imagine that some insurance companies will hike their rates. 

There was $790 million worth of claims against pit bull owners in 2019 alone, the average cost of a dog bite claim being $37,000.

Watch out for these dogs.

  • Pit Bull Terrier 
  • Dogs that resemble bull terriers.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier of the United States

Insurance companies that consider these dogs “hazardous” aren’t the only ones targeted by the company. Several larger breeds, such as bulldogs, are frequently delisted by insurance providers.

  • Dogs from Germany
  • Rottweilers
  • It’s a Doberman Pinscher!
  • Chow Chows (pronounced choo-choos)
  • The Great Danes
  • Huskies

Because of this, it’s necessary to examine your insurance company’s rules on pets. Some insurers do not cover these breeds, while others do, although at a higher cost. If you want the best deal, get estimates from numerous firms. 

Pit bulls may not be in from some homeowners’ insurance policies, but this comes with dangers. You will spend more in the long run by paying for any damages caused by a dog bite out of your pocket. Giving your insurer a heads-up about your dog and the breed it belongs to is the best course of action.


First, understand that a dog breed restriction does not preclude you from insuring a specific breed of dog; rather, it simply indicates that your policy will not cover claims arising from an incident involving a dog of that breed. A non-restricted dog bites someone, and your insurance may pay for the damages, but not a local dog bite. If you want to make sure you will get the coverage for anything, this is more of a “knowledge item.”

Contact Geico or a representative and ask these questions instead of posting these questions on Quora.

  • Is there a limit on the breeds of dogs that you can insure under your policy?
  • Are there any other limitations on pet insurance?
  • What kinds of injuries that cause pets are part of the coverage?
  • Is my home or someone else’s property insured in the event of a pet accident? How much is it?

There may not be the lowest option for you because Geico farms out homeowners to other businesses. Still, it is an issue of obtaining proper coverage, not the cheapest alternative.


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