Best Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users | Top 3 Picks With Details

If you smoke, you may believe that getting affordable life insurance is impossible. Smokers do pay extra for life insurance, but with this guide to the best life insurance for chewing tobacco users, you can discover a policy that fits your needs and budget. Even if you intend to quit, are quitting, or have already quit smoking, you will face penalties. However, the severity of the fines differs by the organization.

The same can be said for many nicotine products. Insurance carriers will consider you a smoker if you use any nicotine product, but various firms have varying penalties for cigars, chewing tobacco, Vaping, or cannabis. While life insurance companies penalize clients for smoking, many people believe that the insurance company is solely concerned about cigarettes. In reality, ingesting anything nicotine-related, whether or not it is tied to smoking, is considered tobacco usage.

Insurance firms are beginning to change some of their policies depending on the frequency with which they are used rather than the manner used. Unfortunately, that implies you’ll be classified as a smoker if you smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew tobacco, or even nicotine patches.

Why is Cigarette Users’ Life Insurance Premiums Higher?

Best Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

Tobacco users typically pay greater life insurance premiums than non-tobacco users. Why? The reason is that smokers and tobacco users are more likely to die at a younger age than non-smokers.

The majority of smokers believe that “I know smoking is terrible, but I’ll be alright.” Statistics, on the other hand, do not lie. According to the CDC, tobacco smoking is responsible for about 14% of all fatalities in the United States (down from 20% in 2018).

Thus, it’s no surprise that the insurance business is wary of covering tobacco/nicotine users. A life insurance company is significantly more likely to have to pay out a benefit on a tobacco user’s policy — and much sooner than they would on a non-tobacco user’s policy. This is why smokers (or other tobacco product users) typically pay more for life insurance. We urge that you shop around for the best insurance for your needs if you smoke or use other tobacco-related products. Because there are so many variables to consider, working with a certified agent who deals with these difficulties regularly would be beneficial.

How to Apply for the Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

Best Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

When getting life insurance, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is your tobacco/nicotine use. Are you a regular user? Have you given up this habit in the last year? Maybe you stopped a long time ago. Perhaps you came to a halt six months ago. Maybe a year has passed. Before you can get a “non-smoker” rate, several insurance companies require that you haven’t used any tobacco-related product for at least five years.

In the insurance company’s viewpoint, timing is important, but how much will it differ from one insurer to the next. That’s why doing some research and shopping around for the best policy pays off.

On your life insurance application, be open and honest about your cigarette use. Many life insurance companies will require you to pass a medical exam before qualifying for a policy. These exams typically include a urine and blood test, which allows the life insurance company to determine if you have any life-threatening disorders or have used any risky products (such as tobacco).

Even if the tests for tobacco products come up positive, you may still be able to get life insurance, but you will have to pay a higher premium for an otherwise identical policy.

Best Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

Because chewing tobacco and snuff are not smoked, some individuals consider them suitable substitutes for cigarettes and cigars. Even if you are sparing your lungs some pain, each of these activities can do significant damage to your body and will almost surely cause any life insurance company to see you as a higher-risk client. Smokeless tobacco, like other cigarettes, can cause cancer, damage your systems, and do significant harm to your body. Like those drawn by cigarette businesses, the particular lines drawn by life insurance firms will differ by provider—and even by the plan.

Many of these firms base their policies on how often you’ve used the product and will decide whether or not to remove your classification as a “regular user,” depending on how long it’s been since you quit. If you started chewing tobacco for the first time many years ago, you are unlikely to be classified as a user.

However, if you’ve used it frequently or recently—especially recently enough that it’ll show up in any medical exam—the insurance company will be concerned (and get justification for charging higher premiums).

Overall, when it comes to nicotine usage, certain life insurance firms are becoming more forgiving. They might inquire about your smoking habits, such as if you prefer cigars or cigarettes as well as how frequently. This means that if you chew celebratory tobacco once in a while, you won’t be penalized nearly as harshly as a “one packs a day” smoker. To that purpose, the following firms provide the best life insurance for chewing tobacco users:

American International Group (AIG)

For chewing tobacco smokers, AIG is one of the finest options for affordable term life insurance. We believe AIG is the best alternative for your life insurance needs because of their modified smoking underwriting rules and reduced penalties for this type of tobacco use.

Prudential Insurance 

Prudential offers chewing tobacco addicts a measure of “forgiveness” by lowering underwriting rules for this type of use. There may be a modest rate rise based on the frequency of use, such as a can per day versus a can per week.


MetLife, a life insurance firm, is likewise at the forefront of the market regarding chewing tobacco underwriting criteria. While there may be a rate modification for users depending on frequency, MetLife is committed to underwriting each application for chewing tobacco users on a case-by-case basis to determine actual risk. This is in contrast to lumping everyone together as a cigarette smoker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the best life insurance for chewing tobacco users?

Yes. You can access the best life insurance for chewing tobacco users through the tips highlighted above.

Is it possible to lower my life insurance premium once I stop chewing tobacco?

Yes. If you acquire life insurance as a smoker, you won’t be penalized indefinitely. You could either ask for a new policy or call your insurer and ask for a lower premium if you haven’t chewed tobacco for 12 months. Next, you can prove your new status with a medical exam or blood, saliva, or urine test.

Then, the insurance provider may reconsider your case and reduce your premium payments. Consider the following scenario: Assume you’re planning to quit tobacco or have already done so. Yes, you will be deemed a smoker if you apply for life insurance today, and you will pay extra. However, if you quit smoking and stay nicotine-free for a year, you’ll be able to lower your rate significantly.

Is life insurance for chewing tobacco users expensive?

If you chew tobacco, each life insurance company has its technique for calculating your chances of having to file a claim. The following are some of the more significant variables:

  • Your age
  • Your stature and weight
  • The state of your health in general
  • Your medical history in your family

You’ll be asked to complete a medical exam and fill out a health questionnaire in most cases. There’s a fair probability you’ll get a significantly higher grade if you’re a light tobacco chewer in good health and still relatively young.

This entails that your premiums will be much lower or similar to those of a non-tobacco user, depending on the insurance provider you choose.

Most insurers will charge you more if you chew tobacco frequently than non-tobacco users. It all depends on how your insurance company perceives your chewing tobacco use. A corporation that is more tolerant of chewing tobacco will be less expensive than one that makes no distinction between the use of tobacco or other nicotinic products.

Is it possible to keep tobacco use a secret from your insurance company?

Most life insurance policies involve a medical exam and blood testing, with the blood being tested for nicotine in most cases. Even if you acquire a policy that doesn’t require an exam, life insurance policies have a two-year “contestability period” during which they can terminate your coverage or refuse a claim if you lie about your chewing habit.

Furthermore, if the conditions of your death can be linked to your use of tobacco without disclosing it, you may lose all of your policy’s rewards. Finally, you can commit insurance fraud by knowingly hiding risk-related data from your life insurance company, which is a dangerous precedent you don’t want to start down.


In conclusion, life insurance comes with diverse merits for smokers. And if you desire more help regarding the best life insurance for chewing tobacco users, the tips above will aid you immensely.


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