Best Life Insurance for Business Owners | An In-Depth Guide on 2021

What is the best life insurance for business owners? This is a popular question usually asked by many people today. As an entrepreneur, you have responsibilities with your business and your workers, whom you can consider a second family. Life insurance is a very versatile instrument that can offer you various solutions to support your business operations. In this article, we will educate you regarding this, as well as its merits.

Life Insurance allows you to protect yourself against the consequences of the death or disability of someone related to your company. Well, they can be your employees, officers, or shareholders.

When we talk about Life Insurance for your employees, we talk about a benefit that the company contracts for its workers (and their families). This benefit allows you to attract or retain talent and strengthens workers’ loyalty and commitment to your company.

Best Life Insurance for Business Owners

Best Life Insurance for Business Owners

There is diverse business life insurance for business owners. Depending on your protection needs, these can be important parts of your business plan now and in the future. They include:

Hiscox USA

Hiscox is a Bermuda-based worldwide insurer that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. It offers several business life insurance plans in the United States through its Hiscox Retail branch. If you want comprehensive coverage tailored to your field, Hiscox could be a suitable fit for you.

You can conduct the full purchase procedure online, and your insurance certificate will be provided to you right away. Some insurers do not provide this service and may require you to speak with an agent. Explanatory tutorials and FAQs are also available to assist you in determining what coverage you may require.

In addition to commercial car insurance, Hiscox also offers directors and administrators insurance, umbrella insurance, and employment practices liability coverage. People in over 180 different sectors can purchase insurance from the organization. Except for Alaska, it does business in every state, though the sorts of policies available vary by jurisdiction.

Next Insurance

Next, insurance is a newbie to the insurance market, having been established in 2016. It offers one of the best life insurance policies for businesses on the market today. You can get an instant quote through the application button on the Next website, also get coverage by uploading digital copies of company documents and receiving an insurance certificate in minutes. You can buy policies separately, but next will give you a 10% discount if you bundle them. Firms that prefer an all-digital approach may find Next Insurance to be a good fit. It offers online assistance and support and can submit claims via an online portal or by phone.

The Hartford Business Insurance

Hartford Insurance Firm is a publicly listed insurance company based in Hartford, Connecticut. In the business life insurance realm, the company stands out for its flexible and scalable policies.

Most insurers’ business owner’s policy only provides general liability and property insurance, but Hartford’s coverage also includes business interruption insurance. Because this insurance often covers lost income following a natural disaster or forced shutdown, this can be a big benefit. You may also add data breach and professional liability coverage if you want to make your business life insurance even more uncomplicated.

The Hartford also provides hiring practices liability, international Insurance, and home-based commercial Insurance, among other possibilities. This is in addition to its core business insurance offerings. Except for Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey, Hartford conducts business in every state, though the availability of certain policy types varies by jurisdiction. The firm covers businesses in more than 60 various sectors.

State Farm

State Farm has various business life insurance coverage to choose from. If you prefer a more personal touch, State Farm might be a good fit. A nationwide network of State Farm insurance brokers sells State Farm insurance coverage. You can’t buy insurance or even get a quotation unless you speak with someone.

Consider different providers if you wish to handle your company life insurance online. Customers with State Farm commercial insurance do not have online accounts, though a representative for the company said it is currently testing online capability for some business owners. Rather, you’ll have to contact your agent and do things over the phone, such as claims tracking.


In the insurance industry, Chubb is a popular name. It’s the largest publicly traded property and liability insurer, including a range of personal and commercial life insurance options. Business insurance accounts for more than half of Chubb’s income, and the company offers many products tailored to businesses.

Chubb is a fantastic choice for business owners who want coverage through an agent and those who prefer to buy insurance online. Independent insurance brokers can also assist you in obtaining a customized quote for your firm.

What is Life Insurance for Business Owners?

As a business owner, you have choices: an individual or company can own your life insurance policy. A company-owned policy has tax advantages. It provides a one-time tax-free payment to your business if you, your partner, or a key employee dies.

Life insurance isn’t just a way to protect your business. It is also a tool for diversifying your assets. You may also be able to access the policy value.

What is the best life insurance for business owners?

There are three main types of life insurance for business owners. Depending on your protection needs, these can be important parts of your business plan now and in the future. They include:

Personal life insurance

Personal life insurance usually covers business owners and provides diverse death benefits to the beneficiary in the event of death. These policies are generally used to provide financial support to family members or loved ones who depend on your business income. There are various personal life insurance policies to choose from, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance.

To help you figure out how much you might need for your policy, you can use the Business Insurance life insurance calculator available online. 

Key person insurance

Key person insurance is a major component of any business owner’s life insurance section. As the name suggests, key person insurance pays a death benefit if an integral part of the business dies. You can buy a key person policy for yourself, as the business owner, or you can buy a policy for a comprehensive employee.

The company generally pays the premiums for these types of policies and is generally registered as a beneficiary. Upon the demise of a major person who has the key person insurance coverage, the company itself receives the death benefit amount. This benefit can be used to effectively handle the costs of hiring and training a new employee. You can also use it to pay off debts if the business can no longer operate.

Life insurance to finance a contract of sale

Life insurance to finance a contract of sale works great if you own a joint business with other people. This entails establishing a buy-sell agreement that can effectively protect your business and your family. The benefit of a will or living trust is that you can set up an agreement to sell shares in your business upon death.

This policy ensures that there’s always someone willing and able to take over for the remaining owner, no matter what happens during their lifetime! This also covers your loved ones from any negotiation stress and ensures that your business can continue to run smoothly.

If you die, your co-owners will have to buy your shares to keep your business running. If they got a life insurance term for you with themselves as beneficiaries, they would get a death benefit when you die. 

Ways in Which the Best Life Insurance for Business Owners can Support You

Ways in Which the Best Life Insurance for Business Owners can Support You

As mentioned earlier, the businessman has responsibilities with his “family at home” and his “family at the company.” Life Insurance protects your absence, and in some cases, it can also provide a financial reserve. Next, we will point out the most common ways the best life insurance allows you to protect your company.

Succession planning in your company

As an entrepreneur, you must be confident that your business can continue despite your absence. How could your business operate without you? You can use life insurance to:

  • Hire a key employee or a replacement
  • Provide cash to acquire the part of the business owned by the person who died.
  • Provide liquidity to the company so that it does not have to be sold hastily.

Purchase – sale agreement

When you are one of the owners of a business, you want to be covered if one of your partners dies unexpectedly. One solution to this problem is a Sale Purchase Agreement. This is an agreement formalized through a contract or agreement by which the surviving partners acquire the participation of the deceased shareholder.

Collateral guarantee

Life insurance is sometimes used by business owners when they need resources and resort to credit. The collateral guarantee provides credit coverage. This achieves by separating a portion of the life insurance to guarantee the bank credit. The remaining portion of the life insurance is useble to protect your loved ones.

Plan for executives

A company can help certain executives to purchase life insurance through an executive plan. Depending on the company’s objectives, the plan is payable by the company or the executive. Through a “bonus” provided by the company.

This type of plan can have multiple objectives:

  • Preparing the retirement of an executive or shareholder.
  • Implementing a bonus plan.
  • Incentivizing the executive to work in the company for a certain time. 

Protect family members who depend on you

Are you single, and do you have elderly parents — or another relative with special needs — who depend on you for financial help? You can name those family members as beneficiaries of the insurance policy.

Increase your long-term care options

With this, you can add an option that allows you to use part of your policy’s death benefit. You can use the fund in advance to pay for your home care, nursing home, or any other type of long-term care expense.

Divide your business assets, as needed

Your heirs find it hard to divide all of your business assets when you die evenly. For example, if a family member inherits the home, you can leave life insurance of equal cash value to other relatives to keep things fair.

How Business Owners can find the Best Life Insurance

There are specific things to know when looking for the best life insurance for business owners. This includes:

Know your needs

Is your goal to get suitable collateral for your small business loan, or do you need to protect your family as well? In most cases, business owners purchase one policy for their organization loan and another to protect their family.

As you consider your needs to protect your partner and descendants, think about all that would be at risk if you could no longer care for them. How would your loved ones go to college or pay the mortgage? Will there be enough savings to allow your loved ones to maintain the lifestyle that your income provided for them?

Know how much coverage you should apply for

If your only interest is securing a business loan, your life insurance coverage should equal the amount of the policy you are seeking. However, suppose you also want to provide coverage to loved ones and key stakeholders. In that case, you may want to assess your situation and determine how much added life insurance coverage you need.

The main rule of thumb is to opt for coverage that is five to ten times your annual income. Your current financial goals and responsibilities will dictate the final amount, such as paying a mortgage or sending a child to college.

Know your budget

Get an idea of ​​how much you can spend per month to ensure essential protection. Also, carefully look at your numbers and solve the math. Your monthly fee must fit your budget.

Control deadlines

What is your deadline to obtain a business life insurance policy? Is it days or weeks? Suppose you have limited time because you are using this as collateral for a small business loan, and you don’t want to delay the deal. In that case, you may want to focus on finding that it offers instant coverage without a medical exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Life Insurance?

Business life insurance is a type of financial protection contracted by companies to protect people directly linked to the business.

People like:

  • Partners or business owners
  • Formal workers
  • The members’ relatives
  • Family members of employees

This insurance consists of mandatory death coverage and other additional coverage that complements the insurance.

How does Business Life Insurance Works?

As already mentioned, this is a type of insurance where the person responsible for the company needs to contract an amount (also known as insured capital) to protect the people involved.

The indicated value can customize according to functions performed, age group, salary range, or even distribution among existing people.

Do all business owners need life insurance?

Life insurance needs are diverse. You may want to consider how your family will affect by your death and what business needs they will handle if you pass away. You may also want to think about your employees or co-owners. Speaking with a financial advisor or licensed life insurance agent can help you determine how much life insurance you need as a business owner and what types of policies to consider.


In conclusion, insurance comes with great merits, and if you desire to learn about the best life insurance for business owners, the tips above will aid you immensely.


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