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It might not be easy to find the best car insurance for first-time car owners. Because first-time drivers lack experience, insurers charge them substantially higher premiums, regardless of age. In some situations, your first year of auto insurance might cost you $5,000 or more. As a result, we’ve created this guide to assist you in better understanding the process and saving money while purchasing car insurance for the first time.

Tips for Getting the Best Car Insurance for First-Time Car Owners

Best Car Insurance for First-Time Car Owners

If you want to get good auto insurance for first-time car owners, follow these tips:

Look around for insurance coverage

Because each insurer has its unique way of calculating rates, the first quote you receive may not be the best deal. Before obtaining coverage, it’s a good idea to seek quotations from different insurers.

First-time drivers must analyze the firm’s price and the insurance plans, possible discounts, and general reputation when purchasing auto insurance. You should compare quotations every 6-12 months after you’ve purchased your policy to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Rather than purchasing your coverage, consider joining one that already exists.

The amount you require to add a new driver to an existing vehicle insurance coverage rises by an average of 140 percent to 160 percent. However, given the high cost of auto insurance for new drivers, this may be a more cost-effective solution than requiring them to buy their policy.

Search for discounts.

Drivers who are new to the road can take advantage of various reductions offered by most major insurance carriers. Good student rebates, for example, allow teenagers to save money if they achieve a “B” grade point. New drivers can earn a discount if they go to school at least 200 miles away from the insured automobile’s garage.

Purchase fewer insurance policies.

To reduce risk, you should always buy as much automobile insurance as you can afford. However, if you’re having trouble finding an inexpensive policy, consider what sorts of coverage you require. If you determine that you do not require extra forms of coverage such as collision or extensive, you may be able to save money on your rate by simply getting the minimum level of coverage needed by your state. You can also cancel coverage add-ons such as rental refund insurance and breakdown cover.

Select a higher deductible.

Raising your deductible, which is the sum you’re responsible for paying if you file certain types of claims, is a quick method to lower your premium. Your premium will be less if you have a bigger deductible. However, you should avoid selecting a higher deductible than you can afford solely to save money on your insurance.

Maintain a safe driving record.

Avoiding moving violations and at-fault accidents as a first-time driver is the best method to cut your rates in the long run. After a few years of careful driving, your insurance rate will steadily decrease.

Best Car Insurance for First-Time Car Owners

Best Car Insurance for First-Time Car Owners

First-time car owners are typically viewed as unsafe by insurance companies because they lack an insurance history or a lot of driving experience. As a result, they are among the most costly motorists to insure. A variety of insurance rating parameters usually defines the risk profile of a driver. Insurers also use this to calculate auto insurance prices. The riskier you seem on paper, the higher your auto insurance premium will be. Thus, we have highlighted some of the best car insurance for first-time car owners:


Nationwide stands as an excellent car insurance firm for first-time car owners. While $1,142 isn’t exactly a bargain, it’s still one of the most affordable options for a first-time car owner. Similarly, the company is on the low end for drivers with no insurance history, with a six-month policy costing $661. The following are some of the policy elements offered by Nationwide that are geared to assist young or inexperienced drivers:

  • A significant discount for young drivers with a B average or higher.
  • Accident forgiveness policy that prevents a driver’s insurance costs from rising during their first at-fault collision.
  • If a driver becomes stranded or has other vehicle problems, roadside assistance is available.
  • The Nationwide SmartRide usage-based insurance service analyzes a driver’s driving habits to produce a more accurate (and frequently lower) quote.


You’ve almost certainly seen the Geico advertisements. As a first-time automobile owner, the company was founded on the internet insurance quotation concept, and it advertises its ability to save you 15% or more on your insurance. Not only can you get a quotation online, but Geico has also added “real world” representatives who you can visit in person, as well as call or email. Geico also brags about its capacity to offer customer care via Twitter.

Geico gives you discounts based on your vehicle’s features (airbags, pro brakes, anti-theft, and daily running lights), as well as your driving history and habits. You get a discount if you stay accident-free for four years and take driver’s education and defensive driving programs.

On top of the normal coverage savings for multiple policies and vehicles, Geico offers discounts for military service and government employees, as well as discounts for teen drivers, college students, and young adults with good grades. You can also look through Geico’s list of over 500 member and staff groups to see if they qualify for further discounts.


It is another web insurance provider that offers first-time automobile owners substantial discounts and high-quality coverage. Progressive promotes its status as the top auto insurance website and offers to assist you in finding the best rates – even if the best deal is with a competitor. It’s a good place to start your search because you can compare rates from various firms. You can also contact a local broker or call for assistance.

Progressive’s features are the Name Your Price function, which tries to match an insurance policy to your financial circumstances. You can also input your current car insurance plan to see how much it would cost if you purchase it from a different company. Progressive offers discounts for driving safety, inter and multi-policy coverage, full payment, online insurance purchase, better grades, and more.

Allstate auto insurance

As a first-time car owner, Allstate auto insurance has various features that simplify acquiring a car insurance quotation and managing your policy. On the site, you’ll find a variety of resources. Allstate also provides various roadside assistance services that can come in handy when you’re on the road.

As you might anticipate, Allstate offers a variety of insurance discounts, including top student, cautious driver, multi-policy, and multi-car. Allstate also gives you a discount if you set up a direct withdrawal to pay your rates, as well as a rebate if you pay your insurance in full. There are also reductions based on the type of vehicle you possess, ranging from a brand new automobile to an economy car or farm vehicle.

Allstate coverage may be a smart choice for your auto insurance as a first-time car owner, depending on your specific needs.

State farm insurance

For first-time car owners, State Farm is one of the most recognizable companies in insurance. Getting a quote from the website or by contacting an agent is quite simple. State Farm offers discounts for exceptional students, multiple autos, other products, and good driving practices, among other things. You can also enroll in State Farm’s Steer Clear course to get an even greater discount.

State Farm will also cut your vehicle insurance prices if you practice defensive driving and drive less. State Farm’s site also includes a useful tool that you may use to see how your rate might change depending on certain factors. This incorporates a teen driver as well as receiving a speeding penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is car insurance for first-time car owners worth it?

Yes. Opting for insurance for first-time car owners is worth it due to the numerous merits attached.

What information do you need when getting the best car insurance for first-time car owners?

When you’re looking for the best quotations, you’ll need the following personal information:

  • Driver’s license
  • Occupation
  • Education level 
  • Marital status
  • History of driving
  • History of insurance

Why do new car owners have to pay more for auto insurance than other drivers?

Location, demographic data, driving record, and experience are all factors that influence auto insurance premiums. When it comes to determining vehicle insurance prices, the essential aspect is the driving experience. Because insurance companies regard first-time car owners to be larger risks of getting into an accident or filing a claim, they will pay significantly more than experienced drivers.

Who is a first-time driver in auto insurance?

In the context of auto insurance, a “first-time driver” is someone who has no prior driving experience or insurance history. Newly licensed adolescents, young adults, those who got their driver’s license later in life, and new drivers to the United States are all examples of this.


In conclusion, car insurance comes with diverse merits. And if you desire more help regarding the best car insurance for first-time car owners, the tips above will be indispensable for you.


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