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One thing is sure: you must have sales skills to thrive in the insurance sector. You promote your brand in addition to selling insurance. So how can you become the kind of agent that people want to deal with and who they can trust? These life insurance selling magazine will retain you current on the market and aid in your career achievement.

You’re prepared to go to bed since it’s eleven o’clock. Before turning off the light, you choose to read. How can you maximize the benefits of your downtime? It’s simple; pick up the most recent copies of your preferred insurance publications and read up on recent developments in the sector.

Marketers that are successful constantly read. Yes, kids do study in their free time. Additionally, they read deliberately, subscribing to periodicals and journals that provide new viewpoints on business-related issues. Maintaining awareness of developments in the insurance industry is always a brilliant idea.

Yes, bloggers and other networks do have newsworthy stuff. However, you’re not getting the depth of reporting. Agents read insurance periodicals to be educated and plan for the future. Are you current in your industry? Time to pick up several magazines on selling life insurance so you can learn something new! Come along.

Life Insurance Selling Magazine

Life Insurance Selling Magazine

Some great options in this category include:

  • The Independent Agent
  • Journal of Insurance
  • Insurance Business America
  • Rough Notes
  • National Insurer Assets and Casualty

1. The Independent Agent

The heading of Independent Agent magazine makes its emphasis quite obvious. It is a reliable resource for experts who operate for themselves or regulatory commissions. The magazine provides an additional perk for enrolled members of the Private Insurance Agent & Insurers of America.

Independent agent provides readers with regular, high-quality information through in-depth information on new trends and analyses. The loss of business and private property is the primary concern.

However, they also address financial services and life-health issues. This is in addition to the central subject of each issue.

Key advantages and highlights of Independent Agent Magazine:

  • They give insight on 28 diverse economies in the insurance sector, from cyber obligations to vintage cars.
  • They often provide unique articles about events occurring in or shortly to appear in the insurance industry.
  • Each post is concise and to the point, making it easy to read.

2. Journal of Insurance

You won’t be disappointed with Insurance Journal regarding comprehensive insurance periodicals. This journal tries to cover every insurance-related topic in the US.

They organize their themes according to regions of the nation and operate as a real magazine with lead items on the main page and essential subjects.

The Insurance Journal’s main advantages and highlights are:

  • Numerous careers in sales, management, finance, and other fields get listed on their “insurance employment board.”
  • The journal offers a broader global viewpoint than other publications since it also covers worldwide insurance news.
  • They are a trusted source of information about insurance conferences and events.

3. Insurance Business America

Another excellent choice in this area is Insurance Business America. Insurance Firm America provides one of the greatest online portals for insurance brokers on the line, in addition to an e-magazine membership via their website. This newspaper offers help with new content, including business methods, current news, and comprehensive forums.

Principal advantages and features of Insurance Business America:

  • They provide original information using white papers, webinars, e-magazines, and other digital items.
  • The magazine’s coverage of insurance-related information for company owners.
  • There are several places where individuals may start discussions and look for solutions.

4. Rough Notes

One of the nation’s oldest insurance publications is Rough Notes. This newspaper has provided industry experts with top-notch knowledge and tools for over 100 years. Rough Notes has grown to accommodate the demands of internet audiences and now offers high-quality material on several online channels.

With discussion of current topics, tested counsel, and training, the journal itself acts as the definitive resource for independent agents.

Principal advantages and features of Rough Notes:

  • For insurance brokers, its “Insurance Marketplace” provides in-depth data.
  • Online presence, digital information, and electronic bulletins are all offered.
  • Every issue is available for viewing in PDF format.

5. National Insurer Assets and Casualty

A force to be dealt with is The National Underwriter. The subjects addressed anticipated industry trends and provided insurance agents with in-depth, well-written papers for each problem. Each division focuses on a specific topic. The “Full Circle” segment, which spotlights insurance professionals under 40, and “NU Basics,” which addresses the most recent events, are examples of this.

Principal advantages and features of National Insurer Assets and Casualty:

  • The “Risk Assessment” and “Agency Innovation” features in National Underwriter Protection and Casualty sections. This includes data-backed pieces with journalistic views on trending subjects.
  • The magazine’s coverage of markets and information is selective rather than all-encompassing.
  • Each issue’s expert interviews give readers a different viewpoint from their staff writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Life insurance selling magazines worth it?

Yes. Life insurance selling magazines is worth it due to their merits, as highlighted above.

When ought one to get life insurance?

There is no ideal age for purchasing life cover. Although you should start thinking about it once you turn 18, it may become much more crucial after you have responsibilities like a spouse or children.

What advantages do life insurance policies offer?

Among the numerous advantages of getting life insurance are:

  • Restoration of lost income after years of lost wages.
  • Eliminating your mortgage.
  • Settling other bills, including credit card, student, and auto loans.
  • Financing the college education of your children.
  • Assisting with other responsibilities, including caring for aged parents.

What is life insurance?

A contract for life insurance gets made between the policy owner and the insurer. Here, the insurer guarantees to pay a specific beneficiary a certain amount if an insured individual passes away. Other occurrences, such as critical sickness or terminal disease, may also result in payment, depending on the terms of the contract.

When should life insurance be discontinued?

The majority of life insurance plans have an application age restriction. Many insurance companies no longer accept life insurance claims from customers who are 75 or older. While a handful has more significant limitations and others have far lower age restrictions.

Why may life insurance not be paid?

The insurance provider may decide not to pay the life insurance payout if you lie on your life insurance request or about your family’s medical history. This is true even if you make up any dangerous hobbies, health issues, or trip plans.


In conclusion, a Life insurance selling magazine offers diverse merits for underwriters. And at this point, the above highlight will aid you greatly.


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