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Does George Soros own progressive insurance? This is a popular question usually asked today. Recently, there have been various confusions regarding George Soros, progressive insurance, and their relativity. Thus, we have highlighted the entire truth regarding this below. Come along!

Does George Soros own Progressive Insurance?

Does George Soros Own Progressive Insurance

The actual answer to this question is ‘NO.’ George Soros doesn’t control or own Progressive Insurance. Because Peter Lewis, the president of Progressive Insurance, was a colleague and ‘political partner’ of George Soros, the charges and misunderstandings emerged. All of the accounts, however, are false.

Many tales about the “Progressive Firm” may be found on the internet if you search for Progressive and George Soros. George Soros is frequently at the top of the list. Today, a substantial amount of this has been cited out of context. Competitors who know that spreading incorrect information on social media would also influence purchasers not to acquire insurance from the company usually give them a lot of attention.

Public Statement of Progressive Insurance: Misconceptions of George Soros and the firm

Peter Lewis died in 2013 as the former Chairman of Progressive Insurance. While alive, he made generous donations from his wealth to diverse firms and causes throughout his life. This included politics, arts, and education. The press broadly covered his contributions, and the ACLU was one among many other firms Peter Lewis personally supported.

Over 40,000+ employees of Progressive Insurance usually provide help to a large spectrum of social, religious, and political affiliations. The philanthropic activities of Peter Lewis, just like those of all other current or past employees of Progressive Insurance, were his own. Furthermore, this did not act as a reflection of the beliefs and opinions of Progressive Insurance.

Today, several versions of chain newspapers allege that George Soros owns Progressive Insurance. Various studies have shown that they are all plagued with falsehoods, misrepresentations, and half-truths.

The information in these publications may be readily verified using trustworthy online and offline sources. You’ll come to the same conclusion in the end. For example, the insurance market has no direct ties or affiliations with George Soros. Furthermore, Progressive Insurers has never backed any of the companies mentioned in the fake articles.

Progressive Insurance: A highlight of the business

Does George Soros Own Progressive Insurance

It stands as one of the essential insurance firms in the United States. The firm is also one of the most recognized insurance providers, providing auto insurance for more than 80 years. But is it suitable for everyone? 

Types of Coverage or Policies that Progressive Insurance offers

Progressive divides auto insurance into three groups:

Coverage for someone else’s injury or vehicle

In most places, liability insurance is required. It compensates for any injuries or damage to property you cause to other motorists while driving. It also takes care of the insured’s and the other party’s legal expenditures and their hospital expenses and lost wages if they are wounded.

Coverage for your injuries or vehicle 

Here are your choices if you want your Progressive vehicle insurance coverage to safeguard you, your car, and your passengers:

Comprehensive coverage

If your automobile is damaged by theft, burglary, hitting animals, fire, or a natural disaster, this covers repairs or replacement. This is a fantastic perk because if you have collision coverage and your pet is injured in a vehicle accident, Progressive will pay for your vet fees up to a certain level.

Collision coverage

This covers vehicle damage if you collide with another item. This includes a vehicle, tree, or letterbox, regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured / Under-insured Driver Property Damage 

This policy pays for any damage to your vehicle caused by a motorist who has little or no coverage.

Medical payments coverage 

If you are wounded or killed in a car crash, this generally covers your medical bills and burial expenses, regardless of who is to blame. Medical payments may potentially cover your passengers’ bills. Medical costs may also cover medical expenses if you or a family member are harmed while riding a bike, strolling, or in someone else’s automobile.

Additional Coverage and Benefits

Does George Soros Own Progressive Insurance

You may also add the following extras to your vehicle insurance coverage with Progressive Insurance:

Collision Waiver

If you have a collision caused by an uninsured driver, Progressive Insurance will typically waive your deductible.

Rental reimbursement

If an insured client has collision coverage, Progressive Insurance can add up this coverage to pay a rented vehicle while the leading vehicle is undergoing repairs.

Loan / Lease Payment (aka Gap Insurance) 

Do you lease your vehicle or poses a loan outstanding for more than your vehicle’s worth? If your car incurs a total loss, the loan/lease payment insurance handles the gap between the settlement rate and the amount you owe your borrower. This usually covers over 20% of your vehicle’s cash value.

Roadside Assistance 

This benefit reimburses you for covered roadside assistance or hauling services.

Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage 

If you have a customized automobile, you may use this coverage to replace or repair equipment like a GPS, high-end sound, unique wheels, or pricey paint.

Coverage journey shared 

if you work for shared-ride service, this coverage aids you in closing the insurance gap when you log on to the application but have not yet got a travel request approval. Most insurance policies from ride-sharing companies provide restricted insurance at this time.

Deductible Savings Bank 

This option deducts $50 off your collision and comprehensive deductible for six months without a claim.

Available discounts with Progressive insurance 

There are numerous ways to enjoy discounts on your vehicle coverage with the help of Progressive Insurance. This includes loyalty-based deals, driver-based perks, and incentives on buying and paying for your coverage. Deals get automatic addition to your price quote, but not all incentives are available in all American states. More of these discounts include:

Multiple policy discounts

Combined home and car coverage could save you more than $1,000, as per Progressive. Coverage that works best for renters and condos is considered “home” coverage. And bundle discounts extend beyond auto and home coverage. If you purchase at least two types of insurance coverage, you’ll get an average value of over 5%.

Continuous Insurance Discount

You can get a discount if you have had continuous insurance (even with a different firm). The reduction rate will be dependent on the time it gets continuous insurance without cancellations or loopholes.

Discount for teen drivers

Once you’ve been a client for at least one year, Progressive now discounts adolescents 18 and younger.

Multi-Car Discount

Here, customers who insure at least two cars can save over 12% here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do progressive claims work?

Getting a quotation and filing a claim with Progressive insurance is simple. You can file claims online, over the mobile, or by contacting your devoted agent if you have one, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Progressive insurance Smartphone app is the quickest method to submit a claim. You can also use the photo average feature on the app to submit details of the car and damage level to get a fast estimation.

Before sending your claim, you must provide the following information:

  • The accident’s location, date, and time.
  • Copies of all police and accident reviews that apply.
  • Every accident victim’s name, phone number, address, and insurance policy number
  • Weather conditions when the accident occurred
  • Photo and videos of damaged cars

Does George Soros own Progressive Insurance?

No. George Soros does not own Progressive Insurance. However, the chairman of the Progressive Corporation, Peter Lewis, is a popular ‘political associate’ of George Soros. They have supported many liberal causes financially in the past.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is an investor and philanthropist, born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. The billionaire’s worth stands at 8 billion U.S. dollars, but he has donated four times to his non-governmental organization, the Open Society Foundation.

His life trajectory is interrupted from time to time by historical facts, government-related disputes, conspiracy theories, and even in his opinion-the oldest nickname of the man who broke the Bank of England.

As one of the most famous billionaires and philanthropists globally, Soros has supported various democratic movements in the past. This started in his home country in 1980, and he has persisted to this day. Recently, in England, he founded a group that supported the Brexit referendum.

Who founded Progressive insurance?

The founders of Progressive insurance are Jack Green and Joseph Lewis. Their main aim was to provide security and protection for diverse car owners. Thus, they figured out that the insurance firm is an excellent investment option for some legal practitioners who just got into the business field.


In conclusion, there have been many controversies regarding George Soros and his relationship with Progressive Insurance. If you are one of those who are still experiencing confusion regarding this, the highlight above will aid you immensely.


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