Do LensCrafters Accept VSP Insurance | An Expert Guide

Do LensCrafters accept vsp insurance? LensCrafters simplifies the process by accepting various insurance plans in-store and online. On the other hand, specific plans are only valid in-store. Some insurance plans, such as Vision Service Plan, can be utilized outside the network (VSP).

VSP has the largest network of independent eye care providers in the United States, with more than 36,000 providers.

VSP-in-network doctors typically work in private practices, such as Pearle Vision and Accuvision, Walmart, Costco, Rosin Eyecare, MyEyeDr, and EyeCare Centers.

Using the VSP Eye Doctor Locator, you can locate a nearby VSP provider. You can select a location, physician, office name, preferred language, gender, doctor type, frame brand, and premier status.

How Lenscrafters Files a Claim for Insurance

Do LensCrafters Accept VSP Insurance

The coverage policy will dictate the procedure you must follow to claim with it. If your insurance is accepted, both physical and virtual, you do not need a claim form at either location. If your policy is taken, you can get more information about your options by calling the toll-free number also, speaking with a store representative.

LensCrafters will take care of the rest of the necessary paperwork, including supplying you with a prescription and informing you about your insurance coverage. It’s possible that you won’t be able to get the product or service you want unless you pay for it by yourself.

Your insurance premium has a significant impact on the total cost you pay. Your monthly insurance premiums will be higher if you have fewer out-of-pocket expenses than average.

Does my insurance cover an eye exam at LensCrafters?

Do LensCrafters Accept VSP Insurance

According to online sources, a LensCrafters eye exam without insurance costs $60, plus an additional $35 for pupil dilation and a retinal exam.

It is not something LensCrafters performs. Instead, they utilize private optometry practices managed by independent practitioners who set their prices. This necessitates contacting a LensCrafters location near you for an accurate quote.

Copayments should continue to be necessary for eye exams at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and Target Optical. The majority of eye exams cost the patient $10. Call your health insurance provider and the doctor’s office to confirm the cost before scheduling an appointment.

What can you expect to pay with the Insurance for a LensCrafters eye exam?

Do LensCrafters Accept VSP Insurance

The cost of this exam at LensCrafters depends on your insurance premiums, your residence, and the store’s location. Therefore, you should contact the LensCrafters near you to learn its cost. You should also get your insurance provider to determine whether Lenscrafter’s eye exams are covered and how much you may be required to pay yourself.

What types of insurance do they accept?

LensCrafters is a well-known international retailer where you can purchase prescription glasses and sunglasses. In March 1983, E. Dean Butler began it. LensCrafters’ corporate headquarters are located in Mason, Ohio, close to Cincinnati. LensCrafters is one of the largest optical retailers in the world, with over 1,100 locations. 

One thousand fifty of these stores are in the United States, compared to 108 in China, Hong Kong, and India. Today, I will discuss Lenscrafters’ insurance policy and the types of coverage it accepts. Lenscrafters.

LensCrafters accepts various vision insurance plans, including Aetna, Blue View Vision, EyeMed, etc., and projects exclusive to Louisiana, including Louisiana DBG (Starmount) and ConnectiCare. On the other hand, Lenscrafters does not accept VSP insurance but makes it easier for customers to receive refunds.

Can I save money by bringing my glasses to Lenscrafters?

Can I save money by bringing my glasses to Lenscrafters

You can save money by bringing your frames to Lenscrafters. You should be aware that Lenscrafters may reuse your old frames for various purposes. This could be due to a variety of factors –

  • Because the frame is too weak, you cannot install new lenses.
  • If the structure has defects or cracks, the available lenses will not fit.
  • You cannot replace the lens in the frame.
  • If the frame does not fit your face, the prescription lenses may not provide clear vision.

Without insurance, how can you save money on glasses at LensCrafters?

If you have previously worn glasses and do not have insurance, you can save money at Lenscrafters on your new equipment.

  • Visit your local Lenscrafters and try on some frames to see which ones suit you best. If you are unsure which frames will accommodate your prescription, please consult with a sales associate.

Consider the price of these glasses without insurance.

The third step is to search online or in other stores for identical frames from all those brands at a lower price.

  • Bring the less expensive frame from the brand you want to LensCrafters and request a price reduction.

However, if the frames are still too expensive, you can purchase them elsewhere and bring them to LensCrafters to have the lenses installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my VSP benefits are used? Which locations comprise the network?

If you are a VSP member, you can access your in-network benefits at When using Find a Doctor, you will only see eye doctors in your network who accept your vision plan.

What can I do to maximize my VSP vision coverage?

To maximize your savings, sort by Premier Program Location and search for a Premier Program location near you. If you choose a Premier Program location, you will have access to designer eyewear, discounts on contact lenses, advanced eye exams, and other member benefits.

Do LensCrafters accept vision insurance?

Due to this, LensCrafters accepts a variety of vision insurance plans. This includes large plans like Aetna and Blue View Vision and smaller projects like Louisiana DBG (Starmount) and Connecticare.

Other optical retailers also accept these plans. You can always ask the store if they get your payment method.

LensCrafters accepts VSP insurance plans.

It is not a part of VSP, but it makes it easier for VSP customers to get their money back.

LensCrafters only charges you the amount you would pay by tourself without VSP’s services. If not, you will need to pay for it yourself and file a claim with your insurance company to receive reimbursement.


Because Lenscrafters is not a discount store, you cannot save money there. You are considering discount stores that sell out-of-production or discontinued products. For VSP to function, you must produce the glasses in their laboratories. We must also adhere to their copayment and non-covered service pricing guidelines. ‘If you compare identical lenses (such as polycarbonate and Crizal Avance), you will pay the same price regardless of where you go. 

The only difference is the frame that you choose. As they are not part of the VSP network, chain stores cannot be of much assistance. They can only require you to pay in full and file a claim for reimbursement with the company. Keep in mind that reimbursement for out-of-network services is minimal. 

Although you can use VSP to pay for glasses at Lenscrafters, you will receive a reduced benefit because the transaction will occur outside the network. VSP has exclusive contracts with optometry and ophthalmology practices (as opposed to Lenscrafters, Costco, etc.).

If you don’t want expensive extras, frames, or lenses, VSP doctors can help you find glasses within your budget (progressive lenses, the kids that switch between sunglasses and non-sunglasses, etc.). Everyone must have frames that fit within the parameters established by each provider’s contract.


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