Verizon Hum Insurance Discount | Hum+ Car Diagnostics, Assistance

Hum customers can get great discounts even when they’re on the move. You can see how much money you can save at different restaurants and stores in the Hum app. This can also significantly save you money on your following oil change. Let’s learn Verizon hum insurance discount.

Verizon Hum is the best system for cars that are connected. Hum connects to your vehicle through OBD II or in-vehicle diagnostics and keeps an eye on how well it runs.

It provides real-time help, service alerts, roadside help, and more. Hum comes in two versions: Hum+ and Humx, which both come with a Hum OBD II reader and the Hum app for your phone. Please go on the Hum website to learn more about how you can use the Hum app.

Verizon’s “Hum” service ( has featured in six areas: roadside assistance, diagnostic alerts, vehicle location, authorized mechanic hotline, service reminders, and hotel and car rental discounts. These features are available for a fee.

As a gift for the holidays, it’s the best thing to do. Plug it in and use it!

This isn’t the only thing of this kind. Devices from companies like Automatic Labs ( also have a wide range of options for people who want to use them.

You can turn off your phone while you’re driving with Automatic’s “Do Not Disturb” app (only for Android). This will cut down on distractions and the need to send texts.

Besides warning you about speeding, Autopilot’s devices and apps can also turn the ignition on or off and start the car. They can also send help to you if you get into an accident or close your garage door when you leave the house.

Hum Discounts

Verizon Hum Insurance Discount

There is a fee of $14.99 for Hum’s service each month. It comes with a module that goes into your car’s DAB port, as well as a hands-free kit that goes on your visor.

As well as the application for smartphones, services can help locate your car, assist you in the event of a breakdown and help you find your stolen car.

For this month’s update, in addition to alerts about your location and speed, you can also get location tracking (a small extension of stolen vehicle tracking) and log files to see how long you were in the car and how fast you were going.

This product will compete with other connected car systems, such as Hum and Automatic, and Vinli, which use DAB connectivity. This will make this product more competitive.

However, their business models and features are a bit different. Automatic doesn’t charge a monthly fee because it connects to the Internet through a cell phone. Hum doesn’t need to buy any hardware.

Vinli, on the other hand, has LTE connectivity and a built-in WiFi hotspot, while Hum doesn’t, but it costs $199.99 a month.

Everything from how much it costs to what kind of design and features it has to offer

No extra charges are incurred for the service. You will have to pay $12.99 per month for the car.

When we use the Humi app, we like how simple and easy it is. It is simple to use and can be used to get around. We want many things about drivers’ ability to have a backup on their phones. However, we don’t understand why we have to pay nearly $180 a year for this.

It’s hard to put into words how much peace of mind comes from getting help right away in the event of an accident, emergency, or breakdown.

There are smartphone apps that do the same things as Honk and, but they don’t have a lot of coverage. Are also many apps for cars that give you the same information as Hum but in a less precise way?

There is also some pay-as-you-go OBD-II dongles, such as Automatic and Zubie, which cost $99 per year with more features, including the ability to track your car’s mileage.

Is Verizon About to Outmaneuver Insurers?

Verizon Hum Insurance Discount

Insurance companies use telematics to raise their prices, but Verizon has apps for people’s connected cars.

They only gave it to my 22-year-old daughter. My wife and I didn’t get the same deal. To connect the DAB input, Verizon offered a device that could be used with another device to touch the screen and a smartphone app to manage the service.

People in other businesses are taking advantage of a big part of insurance.

At, Verizon offers a Buzz service that includes roadside assistance and diagnostic alerts. The service also lets you track your car and get a hotline for authorized mechanics and service alerts and discounts on housing and car rentals. It’s an excellent gift for the holiday. You don’t have to do anything. Plug it in, and it works.

It’s not the only thing of that kind. They also make a lot of different sorts of DAB receivers, like Automatic Labs ( Automatic has an Android app called “Do Not Disturb” that lets you turn off your phone while driving so you don’t text while you’re going.

There are tools and apps inside cars that can tell drivers if they’re speeding, start and stop the vehicle, send help if there’s an accident, or do things like close the garage door when they’re leaving.

The insurance industry has been a leader in telematics. They have tried out OBD devices, in-car navigation systems, and mobile apps that use real-time data from vehicles.

Norwich Union, Progressive, and other companies started small projects in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s. These efforts date back to that time.

The problem is that most insurance companies haven’t looked at this in terms of their current product, insurance.

What does Verizon offer with Hum service?

What does Verizon offer with Hum service

Verizon Communications have added a new service called Hum by Verizon. It lets people keep track of their cars, trucks, and more. Hum’s services now include.

When you go out in the field with your friends and family, you can see how safe you are compared to them. Users of the Hum by Verizon app can track their cars with Vehicle Tracking. This lets them see at a glance where all the vehicles on their account that have the Hum by Verizon app are.

Service Schedule Reminder tells you when your car needs to be serviced by the manufacturer.

You get a 4G LTE reader and a Bluetooth speaker that you can put on your car’s dashboard with the HumX premium hardware package.

This is how Verizon says it works: The speaker acts as a hub for communication. It lets drivers connect to HumX customer service features like roadside assistance or a mechanical hotline at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hum by Verizon?

Verizon Hum is an all-in-one system that connects your car. Hum connects to your vehicle through OBD II diagnostics and keeps an eye on how well your vehicle runs.

It has a lot of different services, like real-time help, service alerts, and roadside help.

Hum comes in two versions: Hum+ and Humx, which both come with the Hum OBD II reader and the Hum app for your phone. Please go on the Hum website to learn more about how you can use the Hum app.

What is the difference between Hum+ and Humax?

The new version of Hum+ comes with an OBD II reader and the ability to use the Hum app to keep an eye on your car’s performance.

It also comes with roadside assistance and emergency help so you can get support when you need it, all the time.

  • Navigating to find out what’s wrong with a car
  • WiFi Auto Health is an option that costs $10 a month.
  • History of driving
  • In this case, it’s a Bluetooth hands-free phone kit.
  • With Humax, you get in-car WiFi. You can add it to Hum+ for $10 a month.
  • Public Number: This is a cell phone, so you can call Hum from your Verizon phone speaker to talk to them.

What is the monthly subscription cost for Hum by Verizon?

Verizon’s monthly fees for Hum are shown below.

  • Humax costs $15 a month and comes with in-car WiFi and roadside help.
  • Hum+ – $10 a month. For $10 a month, you can get in-car WiFi.

What does Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance cover?

This service comes from Verizon and helps with everything from battery charging to getting to the road. It is valid if you own your car, a friend or family member’s car, or use a rental car in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Does roadside assistance take you home?

Roadside assistance can help you if your car breaks down on the road, in a repair shop, at work, or even at home. There are a lot of different things they can do for you. Roadside service can help you change a flat tire, jump-start a dead battery, or get you to a repair shop if you’re stuck in a long line of cars.

Bottom line

Verizon’s move to connect cars isn’t as friendly if you have a young driver at home.

Geotagging and speed alerts will be added to the app later this month, which will be possible. Owners will get a text message if their car leaves a specific area or goes too fast.

People can check their car’s diagnostics on their cell phones and find problems before they get on the road so that they can avoid them.

Using the app, you can talk to a licensed independent mechanic and get help with your car’s problems. Get repair estimates, and make appointments right away.

All Day Roadside Help As soon as you have a flat tire, smoke coming from the hood, or lost your keys, Hum will send an agent. Several new cars have been connected to the cloud to send and retrieve information for emergencies and convenience and keep track of maintenance and mileage.

You don’t have to buy a new car that costs more than $20,000 to get these features. If you’ve bought a car since 1996, it has a port called OBD-II that gives you some of the same information.

To get ODB-II keys, you’ll need to buy the ones that are currently on the market. You’ll also usually pay a fee to move your data from your key to the cloud. “Hum” is Verizon’s new service. It isn’t as cheap as a full service like OnStar, but it is a good tool for keeping your car in good shape.


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