Applecare vs Verizon Insurance | A Tabular Comparison Guide

Are you likely to break small electronic devices like smartphones? If you answered yes, you must look for ways to safeguard them. Purchasing wraps for your modest devices can help, but purchasing an insurance plan is preferable. Applecare and Verizon offer coverage that can save you money on repairs if something goes wrong with your device. These are strong contenders among many people. Before deciding on one of these two options, it’s critical to understand how they differ. Thus, we have made this post on Applecare vs Verizon insurance to aid you.

Furthermore, while getting phone insurance is simple, choosing the perfect one isn’t always. The insurance cost varies based on the make and version of your phone, with monthly plans ranging from $4.25 to $18.00 based on the level of coverage you select. But which should you choose between AppleCare and Verizon Insurance? Come along as we highlight this.

Applecare vs. Verizon Insurance- A Comparative Review

Applecare vs Verizon insurance

Overview of AppleCare

A constrained warranty should be included with every Apple device purchased directly from the Apple store. Applecare is the name for this guarantee.

For at least a year, the plan covers several gadgets. You will not be charged anything for this basic warranty. Applecare ensures that your cellphone will function properly for at least a year. If your device, for example, has a flaw, Apple will repair it for free.

You may even transmit Applecare to a new owner within the given time limit. You must submit evidence of purchase if you desire to transfer this basic warranty to another individual within one year.

Applecare can protect your smartphone from production flaws and hardware breakdowns. Any issues that arise due to a customer’s carelessness are not covered.

For example, if your smartphone falls and damages, the corporation will not pay you.

You can anticipate free technical help for at least 90 days with Applecare. As a result, Apple customer service specialists can assist you with most difficulties that may develop when using the gadget, such as connection issues. You may contact Apple by phone or chat whenever you need assistance.


  • It includes free assistance.
  • It protects your gadget against hardware faults.
  • This warranty is included with every Apple product.
  • It is unrestricted


  • Your gadget is only covered for a year.
  • It excludes theft, loss, and unintentional damage.

Overview of Verizon Insurance

Applecare vs Verizon insurance

Verizon coverage may also help you secure your phone. This insurance provider offers the Total Coverage plan. You must pay at least $13 per month to acquire mobile protection under this plan. Even if Verizon coverage is not free, it is something to think about.

This insurance package may protect your mobile device from damage, theft, and loss. For example, if fluids damage the phone, Verizon policy will save it. This insurance plan may also cover fixes that Applecare doesn’t cover.

Verizon coverage may provide you peace of mind by ensuring that you won’t have to pay exorbitant repair charges. If your phone’s screen breaks, for example, and you have Verizon coverage, you will only have to spend $29 to get it fixed. The cost of different repairs for your mobile phone will vary based on damage. Because Verizon insurance covers loss, you may pay a premium of $19 to $199 depending on the reported stolen model.

You can get same-day replacements with Verizon insurance. If you take your broken phone to a service center, the specialists can usually fix it in hours. If your time is restricted, you may alternatively request that the technician provide this service from your home or business.

The issue with this insurance policy is you’ll be locked into it until your phone contract expires. You must pay additional costs or possibly a penalty if you wish to move providers for whatever reason.


  • Same-day replacements are available.
  • You may also acquire coverage for loss or theft.
  • It is pretty practical.


  • High price

Applecare and Verizon insurance: Tabular Comparison

Applecare vs Verizon insurance

This table will provide more information about Applecare and Verizon coverage in conjunction with the highlights listed above.

FeaturesApplecareInsurance from Verizon  
Coverage  While various plans may adequately secure your smart devices, the degree of coverage provided by firms varies. For example, if you wish to use Applecare, you can anticipate restricted coverage. This insurance plan solely covers hardware issues on cellphones.Verizon insurance, on the other side, insures theft, loss, and breakage. These are the most typical problems encountered by many smartphone users. As a result, Verizon insurance provides more comprehensive coverage than Applecare.  
Convenience  If you have Applecare, you may have to wait a few days for the experts to repair your phone and send it to you. Though Apple takes a while, it is recognized for repairing gadgets with high-quality components to extend their lives.On the other hand, some Verizon clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of components utilized in repairs. Although both plans are excellent, Verizon coverage is more convenient than Applecare. This is due to its same-day repair service. You may even have a professional come to your house to repair a broken phone.
Cost  In terms of price, you must choose what you’re prepared to spend each month to have sufficient protection. If you don’t want to use any money, Applecare is an excellent alternative since it is free.The monthly cost of Verizon coverage is $13. Applecare is more economical than Verizon insurance due to significant pricing differences.

Applecare vs Verizon insurance: So which is better?

We compared these two blueprints carefully and identified some substantial variances. Regarding which coverage is preferable; AppleCare+ insurance may be an excellent bet for you than Verizon insurance, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

AppleCare+, for instance, costs just $10 per month or $200 in one lump sum. This is less expensive than the annual insurance fees charged by Verizon.

Furthermore, Verizon insurance only covers your smartphone while connected to the Verizon network; the insurance will be void if you move providers.

You’re protected with AppleCare+ irrespective of if you have Verizon as your operator or transfer provider since the coverage follows the device.

Additionally, if you have AppleCare+ and your device breaks, you will get fixes. This is in addition to Apple’s alternatives for Asurion, which Verizon currently utilizes.

Because Apple specialists exclusively work on Apple devices, many users value knowing that they receive a gadget repair from an Apple repair professional. However, if you’ve been a Verizon client for a long time and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, Verizon coverage may be a better option.

AppleCare+ may not provide all of the features of Verizon insurance, but it is less expensive, and it covers you irrespective of where you reside or which network you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Applecare and Applecare+ the same thing?

No. Applecare is the regular warranty, whereas Applecare+ is an optional expanded warranty.

Can Verizon insurance cover my device if it falls into the water?

Yes. You may have it fixed for less money since it covers liquid damages.

Does Verizon cover Apple Warranty?

If you buy an Apple device through Verizon, you’ll be protected by the Apple warranty, a one-year guarantee that applies to all Apple goods. However, if you want to add Verizon insurance to your AppleCare coverage, you must do it within 30 days of purchasing the Apple device from Verizon.

Can AppleCare coverage protect my phone if it falls and the screen shatters?

AppleCare has always been a part of the company. It’s a warranty extension program available for all of its goods. The majority of Apple gadgets come with a one-year replacement warranty. However, most of these only cover manufacturer flaws, not those caused by consumer carelessness. You may not be protected if you drop your phone and the glass cracks.


Getting phone insurance is straightforward, but selecting the right one isn’t always. The insurance cost varies based on the brand and type of your phone, with monthly rates ranging between $4.25 to $18.00 based on the scale of insurance you want.

But which would you choose between AppleCare and Verizon Insurance? Applecare and Verizon are both excellent programs. It would help if you also considered purchasing phone insurance from either Apple or Verizon.

Verizon’s strategy is incredible. It’s not only about the extra coverage; it’s also about the ease. You may have a technician come to your location and do same-day repairs. This is a bargain compared to waiting in line at your closest Apple Store or mailing your phone to Apple.

When you deal closely with Apple, on either hand, you receive access to the genius bar’s parts and services. There have been various concerns concerning Verizon’s component quality.

You will forfeit your Apple warranty if someone, not an Apple-trained technician, opens your phone. This isn’t a prevalent issue. However, if you want to retain your phone for at least two years, you should consider staying within the Apple ecosystem.


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